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Iraqi Dinars RV immenent from numerous rumors with different sources

* SUMMARY: Skype Chat Rumor

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3-1-11 Skype chat rumor


1. When someone on PD heard Delta’s news about Maliki giving the order to Shabibi to start the RV asap, he called his friend who is an international airline pilot
2. He has a different line of intel, but his sources confirmed what Delta said
3. The person noted that Steve said that when the RV trigger is pulled, it could take between 24 to 72 hours for the RV to happen


From PD: 3:22 PM [****] When I heard Delta’s intel that Maliki had given the order to Shabibbi to start the RV ASAP, I called my friend who got me into dinar and is an international airline pilot. He has a different line of intel that we see on this board. He called me back and said that his people confirmed the intel, they were hearing the same thing. Keep in mind that STeveI said that when the trigger is pulled, it could take 24 to 72 hours for the RV to happen. I believe we are in that window.
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* Rich Queen Intel/Rumor: Peoples Dinar 2/28/11 11:30pm

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[Rich Queen] Hi guys, just wanted to clarify things a little. In my excitement I wasn’t clear. Here it is: something that wouldn’t be possible without the RV is now possible. Notification went out today. The $$$$ floodgates open TOMORROW. I wish I could be clearer than that but I can’t. This is 100% REAL. As for how it translates to when the RV shows up, I suspect tomorrow as well. Suffice to say we are FINALLY, REALLY past the point of no return.

[Haus14] Rich Queen — tomorrow for US as in March 1st or tomorrow for Iraq as in March 2nd?

[Rich Queen] Haus14 Starting March 1st Iraq

[Rich Queen] You know how many times we have felt like we were about to get on the rollercoaster, only to turn the corner and see another round of switchbacks? Well, the first downhill rush starts as of tomorrow am. I am %10000 percent sure. Will the RV show up tomorrow? Probably. But this is a world-encompassing event with many moving parts. I for one am no longer afraid or unsure. Not anymore. Get ready to put your hands in the air as you ride the RV train!!!

[bsisco] Rich Queen…Whatever day, you feel comfortable about this week for sure?

[prayin4peace] Rich Queen Did you get that intel??????

[Rich Queen] bsisco YES

[Rich Queen] prayin4peace I got it!!!

[Rich Queen] greeleypastor The point of no return has been passed! Things have occured that would be IMPOSSIBLE if the RV weren’t in place. And I am not talking about theories. Be happy – we are RICH!!!!!

[DallasDiva] Rich Queen rate???

[Rich Queen] DallasDiva Don’t have that. Don’t care. But from what I have heard previously, it’ll be somewhere between the base rate of 3.22 and 6.18. That post earlier about Iraq not having the funds to support an RI at 3.22 is WRONG.

[rmg1212] Rich Queen Where are you getting this intel from????

[Rich Queen] rmg1212 I cannot tell you. Sorry. But one of them is my IMF source

[Rich Queen] I have said over and over as to the exact time I don’t know. BUT WE WILL SEE IT THIS WEEK BEFORE FRIDAY. Probably tomorrow!

[rmg1212] DallasDiva Intel that is unverified is RUMOR

[Rich Queen] rmg1212 rmg1212 this is different!!!

[isabel] Rich queen u have been bring us the same ” tomorrow ” “next couple of days” for about a month now… sorry we’re all a little gun shy

[Rich Queen] isabel THIS IS DIFFERENT. Have I ever said “people are accessing funds tomorrow?”

[yoursoulknows] Rich Queen – did the announcement scheduled for this morning in Iraq already go out, do you know?

[Rich Queen] yoursoulknows I don’t know

[isabel] AAbsolutely .. but to tell me to stop stating an opinion is not what this room was intended for

[Rich Queen] isabel You know what? I try to explain the best I can, and I’M TELLING YOU – THIS IS REALLY DIFFERENT!!!

[Rich Queen] Those of you who enjoy what I said, enjoy it. Those that don’t, that’s fine too. But why not keep it to yourselves? If I could tell you exactly what I know you would all be going “OMG!!!!” But because I can only share bits and pieces it doesn’t make sense

[Rich Queen] I’m going to the store. Time for a nice bottle of bubbly

* Frank Rumor: Peoples Dinar 3/1/11

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Today the green light was given to the authorities to the CBI to go ahead and execute THE PLAN – no date or rate given but it could be tonight or tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

The budget will start March 1st = rumors flying around some could be correct based on the speech from M today but Delta says I am sure that this is what Shabibi was waiting for and its Shabs call to do this… we should hear any minute or any day… M ordered this to be executed – the executive plan to repair their currency and revalue the Dinar-

The date can be anytime as he has been ready since Sept - be in ALERT STARTING NOW!!! He also said he would announce the rest of the GOI and cabinet – and he is scared so he has to do this – Shabibi was ready and he is wanting to please the citizens… the demonstrations this lady was holding a 1000 Dinar and asked Maliki what is this worth less than a penny please change this… and today Maliki gave excellent news…Ministries and others were not important till the demonstrations took place…

IT’S READY and today he gave permission for the plan to be activated- Shabibi could pull the trigger tonight or tomorrow… MALIKI said ASAP….

The infrastructure can’t be rebuilt w/o the rate going up. The 1170 can’t be rebuilt at that rate – they need 500 – 600 billion dollars to rebuild Iraq! 80% of employees of the countries working there under contracts have to be paid in Dinar and have to be Iraq citizens. You can’t manipulate and use two currencies – the USD has to be removed and the value of the Dinar has to be raised so they can use the Dinar… They can’t wait too long…

Today Shabs got the order to do this and M said next week he would finish the GOI spots – and now Shabibi in his hands – what would you do? If you got an executive order what would you do? If you got a green light would you do this now? Maliki has to save himself and he will try to accomplish things ASAP


Frank (Not Frank of KTF Missions)

* SUMMARY: Skype chat: UN person says watch CBI … rumor

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3-1-11 Skype chat: UN person says watch CBI … rumor


1. Person’s brother works for the United Nations in Geneva
2. She received a call from her brother and was told by him to watch the CBI closely last night and over the next few nights for a change


This was on DS last night thought it was interesting with what we have heard over the last few days!….
sjf: My brother is with the United Nations in Geneva,Switzerland. He is within a specialized agency. I recieved a call from him a short time ago. He said, Sis, begin watching CBI closely tonight and over the next few nights for change. I cannot say more than this and I have nothing I can show you to substantiate what I am telling you. But just run with it folks. It won’t hurt. Have a great evening.
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* GET Team Conf call notes: 2/28/11

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GET Team CC Transcript for Mon 02/28/11 – PAGE 1

« on: February 28, 2011, 11:40:14 PM »Quote This room is now moderated. All messages submitted will be directed to room moderators for consideration before being made public.

[janna] Welcome to the GET Team conference call

[janna] Steve ins on the call

[leo] *~ Thank You For Joining Us Tonight For The G.E.T. Team Conference Call ~ Welcome Home Terry K ~*

[janna] Tina feels she will be having a bit of a problem with the board tonight

[janna] Al is on

[janna] Ray is on

[janna] Steve is on

[janna] Tampa Tom is on

[janna] Blaino is on

[janna] Okie is on

[janna] Might have

[janna] Woo Hoo

[janna] Welcome TK

[janna] It is good to be back

[janna] Sam is on

[janna] There is another call running at the same time – we interfered on their day

[janna] Sam opening prayer

[janna] Amen

[janna] Rodney is on

[janna] TK – want to thank all for being patient and allowing him to move his home to Minot ND

[janna] Couple of things he wants to share with you:

[janna] 1 – March 1 or March 2 looks like it is our day

[janna] 30% has been released

[janna] 70% to be released tomorrow

[janna] can’t imagine going outside of tomorrow – within the other part of the budget – it has the RV rate

[janna] should start seeing it in a few hours throughout the world

[janna] Al – the 4th zero showed up on forex today

[janna] according to our forex people they just have to move the decimal point

[janna] tomorrow has to be our day

[janna] nothing holding it up

[janna] 3 positions (ministers) filled

[janna] curfew or black out tomorrow morning starting at 6 and 7 am – to last numerous hours

[janna] a speaker announcing the rest of the budget

[janna] not knowing if it is Shabibi, Maliki, or who

[janna] 6 am their time – that is an hour from now

[janna] to back up what Terry had to say…

[janna] as far as the difference is that Shabibi has already received the go-ahead to RV – just waiting for the budget

[janna] to be approved

[janna] speech tomorrow hopefully will trigger it tomorrow

[janna] rv of dinar to be done and reboot world economy

[TamRon400] the revaluation of the dinar is going to be done and be a reboot of the world economy

[janna] will help fill up the coffers of the new US treasury notes

[janna] but need to back it up by the gold standard

[TamRon400] Rodney heard next week for RV

[janna] Rodney did hear something regarding RV news that is would not happen until next week sometime.

[TamRon400] everyone is being incredibly hush hush

[janna] Blaino

[janna] TK – why is Okie on your line?

[janna] less expensive for him

[janna] TK and Al spend a lot of time together on the phone – Connie is jealous

[janna] haha

[janna] Blaino was listening to Rodney.

[janna] Real interesting

[janna] click link to watch after the call

[janna] Bank of America situation where their online stuff was shut down

[janna] once he got it, they confirmed online down nationwide

[janna] how much is this related to the RV of the IQD?

[janna] long pause by B of A person

[janna] said can’t discuss that

[janna] Okie

[janna] He is so full of smoke from panhandle fires in Texas – 180,000 acres, 80 homes burned, one child killed, trapped on location today for hours

[janna] shortly before the call – part of Maliki speech tomorrow is to tell Shabibi to hit the switch

[janna] missed some

[janna] gag order put on them over there

[janna] tomorrow Maliki will make a formal announcement

[janna] don’t know if that will encompass the RV

[janna] if the budget is turned loose and activated – there is the rate – period

[janna] also Intel on Arab summit meeting on March 21st – still up in the air – may be postponed for some time

[janna] in the past 3-3½ hrs will be crucial to us

[janna] is going to give Shabibi the order to initiate the financial development plan

[janna] be patient with Okie – so much smoke – really hard to talk

[TamRon400] please be patient with Okie he breathed in a lot of smoke

[janna] could be postponed (activation part of it)

[TamRon400] when you see the budget turned loose there is your RV period

[janna] when you see the budget turned loose there is the RV – period

[TamRon400] Okie got this on the phone and computer

[janna] great deal of importance on this speech tomorrow

[janna] he prays that it is so

[TamRon400] there is a great deal of importance in Maliki’s speech tomorrow

[TamRon400] there is going to be 300,000 jobs involved

[janna] there is going to be 300,000 jobs involved in this national development plan

[janna] March 1 – all contracts to be paid in IQD

[TamRon400] starting tomorrow all contracts are paid in dinar

[janna] deal primarily and solely with dinar

[janna] $ gone

[janna] that is a lot of news there

[janna] let’s hope Maliki’s speech encompasses what we want to hear

[TamRon400] let us hope the speech has what we are hoping to see

[janna] full of prairie grass smoke (not what Blaino smokes)

[janna] it appears right now like that everything has come together – done

[janna] tomorrow will know if it is real or Memorex

[janna] Okie wants TK to repeat his Intel

[janna] backed up what Okie was told today

[TamRon400] it gave Okie a great deal of solace and comfort

[janna] thanks Blaino – phone bill $1,550 last month

[janna] Thanks TK to be a part of this, especially Al – can even accept Blaino now as well

[janna] God speed the RV

[janna] TK – Al – can we go ahead and talk about that item we discussed this afternoon?

[janna] Al – is was later debunked

[janna] It is something that we can’t really put out right now

[janna] TK – will dance around it

[TamRon400] no way to dance around

[janna] we got an investment firm locally here that has – news we have pinpoints it to tomorrow from them

[TamRon400] good news points to tomorrow as well

[janna] came to them around 4:30 pm EST

[janna] solid source

[janna] from an individual

[janna] factual

[janna] this is what I got, can’t believe it, but you are spot on for this happening tomorrow

[janna] Okie – thank you so much, TK for what you just said

[janna] where our information comes from is so sensitive

[TamRon400] a lot of stuff we get is from sources that are so sensitive we cannot tell you

[janna] people call with tidbits

[janna] we could call and verify this

[janna] any more detail and the company it came from will get into trouble

[janna] do not buy any dinar tonight – be happy with what you have

[janna] TK is not pushing it, doesn’t make anything off of you purchasing dinar

[janna] 99.9% there

[janna] but we are dealing with Iraq

[janna] TK has 3 bags in his room and is not unpacking – period

[janna] feels that comfortable about it

[janna] Okie – what is your room number please?

[janna] 3 bags of clothes

[janna] haha


[janna] TK is holding something in his hand and has certain protection

[janna] Steve

[janna] hi everybody

[janna] in his opinion we have just about reached that moment

[janna] what the heck are we going to do now?

[janna] suggestions to help you to move forward

[TamRon400] we offered suggestions to protect your wealth

[janna] Q & A

[janna] for TK or Okie – mentioned to making an announcement – when is it?

[TamRon400] lost call

[janna] curfew has started right now (6 am their time) – but don’t know when the actual speech will happen. Their first prayers, historically they make important announcements after that.

[TamRon400] back

[TamRon400] 6-8 important announcement to be made

[janna] TK told 6 am curfew start time; ask everyone to stay in their homes and businesses as there was going to be a very important announcement made.

[janna] Q: TK or Al are you still hearing that rate?

[TamRon400] A. TK heard it will be within 50 cents of Kuwait rate and he is still hearing the 6.18 rate

[TamRon400] that rate is only for a period of time then it will float and then after 100 some days it will go higher

[TamRon400] Okie heard it will be a managed float

[TamRon400] TK has heard this from his oil buddies, we will eventually be seeing 5-6 dollars a gallon gas

[janna] Q: could you repeat your Intel, TK and thanks for your words, Steve

[TamRon400] recap, we are hearing tomorrow there will be an announcement, there is a curfew from 6 – 8 approx am people are asked to stay in homes when announcement is being made. Announcement regarding budget, 30 % has already been released, the 70% is supposed to be released tomorrow

[TamRon400] supposed it come out at a fixed rate for 100 or so days and then go up

[TamRon400] other chat sites also saying tomorrow

[TamRon400] Do not go out and buy dinar

[TamRon400] be happy with what you got

[janna] Q: There was another forum that had a call on before ours … Tina dropped him – sorry

[janna] Q: the prayers start at 5:15 and 2nd one is 6:30 to 6:40 so based on those times and announcement scheduled – update of CBI around noon their time

[janna] Do you think that could happen today?

[TamRon400] yes

[TamRon400] 10:00 am CBI opens their time it might take some time to get the cobwebs out


[terryk] GOD BLESS YOU

[janna] We miss you too TK


[janna] haha

[janna] Q: Wants to thank all of you for your input. #1 – said on a post on PD yesterday that banks will be closed on Sat and Sun in US – does that have anything to do with RV happening and #2 – listening to intel about announcement being made tomorrow could RV happen in next 24 hours?

[TamRon400] TerryK, we are within a 24 to 48 hour opportunity

[TamRon400] I have always been told that the Tuesday is the best day for the banks to RV

[TamRon400] that was TerryK talking

[janna] Q: Wants to thank the team – we appreciate it

[janna] Link for Ray

[TamRon400] it is on the home page of the GET site trustsunlimited LLC

[TamRon400] download documents or


[janna] Q: What is the time factor for setting up a trust through you Ray?

[janna] Could we do it a month from now?

[janna] so in that case, we would not cash in the dinar until trust in place? Would it be ok to cash in a few to get by?

[janna] Don’t listen to what other people are telling you. Listen to Ray’s call on Tuesday or Thursday evening. He will answer all of your questions at that time. Go to the home page and download all of the trust documents

[janna] Q: To TK and Okie – talking about the rate – know he read somewhere in UN document recommending $3.20 with inflation to $3.86; so that makes sense. The news we saw that Iraq wants to be a member of WTO – the US said we will back that – is that a go?

[janna] Okie – doesn’t believe in voodoo dolls – he was out about 5 am going east – beautiful morning – the moon was in the 1st of 4th quarter (11p to 5a) – right below it looked like it was Venus very bright star – no other star in the sky except for this one on bottom left of the moon. Doesn’t know if it is Iraqi star on the flag or where – weirdest feeling.

[janna] You had to have experienced it to believe it.

[janna] The 1st thing Okie thought was that it was an omen (astronomical phenomena)

[janna] That is a message, per TerryK

[janna] has never seen that before – he turned out the pickup lights to see it

[janna] impressed him

[TamRon400] back

[janna] before the smoke or fire

[janna] in the southeastern sky

[janna] restating the question (look above)

[TamRon400] A. that was what the base rate it would not be any less than that

[TamRon400] A. it is wonderful news another step forward

[janna] TK got a pm – apparently Delta made an announcement at 5 to 6 pm Baghdad time told Shabibi to pull the trigger

[janna] 12 hours ago

[janna] Q: I can’t believe it – that was what I was going to ask about

[janna] Could that mean that Shabibi could be the guy doing the speech tomorrow?

[janna] Caller really appreciates all of you.

[janna] Okie going back to the very first of the call

[janna] Terry never comes on with negative Intel – uplifting, encouraging, etc.

[terryk] Delta is speaking now Good news first! – Really happy about Maliki’s speech Today Maliki said the economy could reform Shabibi was ready in September Economic reform means to revalue currency

[janna] This whole thing (Okie – starting 8th year) – has enough education about Iraq and their government than the US

[janna] I will take it TK

[janna] oh oh

[janna] We truly appreciate everything that Tina does

[TamRon400] Everyone is being really nice to Tina right now

[janna] Q: Would like to say that I got on the call a little too late just as Okie was finishing up his comment – what was the crux of the info give out on the call?

[TamRon400] Tk recapped what was said before

[janna] Follow up to that – doesn’t it make sense for the RV tomorrow – March 1st – don’t they have to RV by then?



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