Friday, March 18, 2011

Iraqi Dinar News from Dinar

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Iraq to launch water injection project 03/03/11

Iraq Oil Exports Up Again in Feb 03/02/11

$3.5bn Investment Licences Issued in Baghdad 03/02/11

New Report on Investment in Iraq 2/22/11

Iraqi Cabinet Ramps Up Spending as Oil Prices Rise 2//10/11

ISX is region’s second best performer 2/10/11

Iraq Oil Ministry: Exports Won’t be Affected by Egypt 2/2/11

Iraq Seeks Permanent Membership of WTO 2/2/11

Iraq's oil reserves have reached about 500 billion barrels 1/24/11

Why Iraq's economy is growing 1/19/11

Iraq to pay expenses to oil firms in Kurdish region 1/18/11

BP Says Output at Rumaila Now Allows It to Earn Profit on Field 1/11/11

PetroChina, BP Meet Iraqi Oilfield Production Target 1/11/11

Iraq to Auction New Oil Licenses 1/4/11

Iraq's daily oil production exceeds 2.7M barrels 1/4/11

Iraq, Jordan Agree to Build Oil Pipelines 1/4/11

A good year in Iraq 12/23/10

IRAQ NEW GOVT 12/21/10

Former Holdout Pulls Iraq Toward a Political Anchor 12/16/10

U.N. Security Council ends key Iraq sanctions 12/15/10

U.N. Security Council ends major sanctions on Iraq 12/15/10

Iraq Oil Exports to Increase 12/6/10

Oil exports from Kurdish region to resume 12/6/10

Iraqi Cabinet Approves 93 Trillion-Dinar Spending Plan for 2011 12/1/10

Investing in Iraq 11/26/10

Iraqi minister offers opportunities 11/24/10

Egyptian Central Bank Trains Iraq’s Bankers 11/24/10

Halliburton Signs $150m Contract for Iraq’s Majnoon Oilfield 11/24/10

Global Companies Move Aggressively on Iraqi Oil 11/17/10

Australia supports Iraq WTO membership 11/17/10


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