Wednesday, March 2, 2011

INTEL 3/1 6:40 pm WOW


WARNING - Discernment advised.


These Intel reports were to end last month as it is time to move on to the ‘Restoration Process’ --- but an update has been requested by the people who want truth, not more BS.


The following is confirmed from multiple intel sources.

350 Bush Connected Bankers from the private Federal Reserve Bank have within the last few days have been arrested and removed in the programs. They were planning to steal the funds from the Prosperity Programs Participants as they arrive at the banks.

Over 40T of Funds which were transferred from Europe to USA for access by the Global Settlements were stolen by Bush Connected Bankers several weeks ago. They were allegedly diverted at the Morgan Stanley Bank, a favored bank of the Bushes. This is what is causing the delay in access to the Global Settlement funds. This is common knowledge on the street. These funds were recovered and security tightened to avoid a repeat. This is how the recent 350 Connected Bankers were caught.

All the programs paymasters have been fired by the Chinese as reported last time. It has now has been revealed that there were ALL connected to the Bushes and the Private Federal Reserve Bank.

Trustees are being monitored like a hawk. Any diversions or blockages and they will be arrested, removed and replaced. They are suspect to say the least because of their Bush & Fed Reserve Connections. Some trustees are actually locked out of operations during critical operations – the Chinese are fully aware of their activities.

Level I and II deliveries have already happened and are confirmed. Level III deliveries of P/F (Penalties & Fines) are in process of delivery again – for the 200th time – yea I know!

The amount of P/F have increased big time from earlier estimates due to the increasing recoveries of ill-gotten goods by the Bush Cabal.


Wachovia, BOA and my 5/3rd bank in Florida have been calling Dinar owners today to be on an alert status for a call to come to the bank for cashing in, today, Tuesday, 3/1/11. This is from multiple sources.

As of now 6:30 pm – no phone call. Rate being quoted on the phone was 6.18.

I am bummed out but will be at the bank again tomorrow. The RV is imminent!

WARNING – If no Banking announcement for the demise of the Private Federal Reserve Bank is out before the Dinar, your cash-in funds are susceptible to removal by the Private Federal Reserve. Be cautious!


Check out the New Passport being issued. The Constitution is imprinted throughout the pages. Interesting – First the constitution is read before congress, the Declaration of Independence before the Super Bowl and now the new passport. Coincidence – me thinks not.

The 3 prime contenders for administrators of the Republic has been revealed to me. They will run the Restored Republic during the 6 months interim before our elections by the people. I cannot reveal them at present ---- BUT YOU WILL LIKE THEM – THEY ARE HONORABLE!

We do have a bright future folks!


John MacHaffie A patriot and HIS humble servant


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