Thursday, March 3, 2011

Iraqi Dinar RV not to happen till BIS involved says Rudolph Coenen on Dinar Daddy- Follow-up Q&A (90 Min) BlogTalkRadio

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Original Air Date: March 02, 2011

Dinar Daddy: Rudolph Coenen - Follow-up Q&A (90 Min)

During this episode, Dinar Daddy visits with Rudolph Coenen, one of the more respected and knowledgeable investors in the Iraqi Dinar and world currency markets. Hold on to your seat, because this is a follow-up to the compelling information we learned from Rudolph from Episode #5. We're using this time to dig deeper to learn more, come to a greater understanding, and to give all of you an opportunity to call in and ask questions yourselves of this very learned investor, mentor, former JP Morgan Chase VP, Iraq war vet, and Forex Currency Trader. Go Learning... Go Dinar! Dinar Daddy

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