Sunday, October 24, 2010 under construction with some Coral Castle & Sedona Vortex tour videos coming soon
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I will be adding some or all of my youtube playlists to this site as you can not get to them via my private channels at the moment. I made them that way to keep a low profile.

We just went to Coral Castle 10-21-2010 lol and had a great tour guide AC and some profound experiences in the vortex at 1 of the 3 corners of the Bermuda triangles point that sent a kundalini like upward spiraling energy up my spine to my pineal gland making me feel so euphoric it was unbelievable.

I went to Sedona by myself in early June of 2006 after James Gilliland's for a few days and did a multiple hour tour around Sedona's vortex's with Blue Cloud, whom had Toltec ancestry.


  1. I envy you on this one! I've owned an original copy of Ed Leedskalnin's book for years(30+).

  2. wow deacon check my latest blog I am putting up now on Blue Clouds Vortex Tour finally lol it is coming due to the right divine timing now i feel, lol. There is more to it that I might share in this blog now.