Monday, October 18, 2010

Got in to the US no problems and with laughs at customs

Hi all
Just wanted to let you all know I made it in without any body scans, cavity searches lol, kidnappings, only fingerprints on all 10 digits.

Unfortunately did not meet up with Dru at LAX but was running short on time anyway so it would have been a 4hour return drive for maybe 30 minutes or less with me and Dru doubted she could get in at the last minute and my mobile battery was dead just after arrival and found out to late to change Drus mind. Anyway we will meet up later.

So ended up in Florida to say hi to a very close friend and just went to Miami for the weekend and bought some Iraqi Dinars. If you want to know more about Dinars please email me and I may blog some good links and/or provide a zip in my 4shared.

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