Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am in Florida with no cavity search or body scans or abductions lol

We bought some Iraqi Dinars after what we heard from Waking Up in America and Kelby Smith on RBN over the past few weeks or so, and rumors from military that are connected to us. We purchased from a TD bank in Florida and learned a bit about how to buy with a locked in price by finding banks that "do not have a foreign currency inventory", which means they have to take your money (USD) and give you an invoice with the amount of (IQD) Iraqi Dinar shown and its (USD) value, as opposed to from a bank with foreign currency inventory that does not lock in the price, and so you pay on the day of pick up at that days value. The delivery of the Iraqi dinars takes a few days or more, which with impending change is not the way to go in my mind, as they could go up any day with the sanctions just coming off September 13th, 2010. We have found some good sites with graphs on (IQD) vs (USD) and evidence of sanctions taken off 9-13-2010 on the US Treasury web site. I will put up a zip file in my 4shared and/or blog with links.

This move by these banks to do foreign currency exchange is expanding as we heard from a TD bank in Florida. They said TD Bank is merging with Riverside Banks and is being converted to TD banks, lining up with Waking Up In Americas last few shows with the guy who talked about banks holding baskets of currencies and also lines up with what I see in my KEY INFO ie BRIC playlist how Brazil, Russia, India, China and many other Asian countries are jumping on board as seen with G20 instead of G7 or G8.

I also had a funny experience with customs that I may reveal on a talk show with Dru lol, but I do want to maintain a low profile so it may not happen for another 11 weeks till mid January. I also had a couple of interesting conversations with two Florida Police Officers yesterday with one knowing about the recently restored Republic of the united States of America and INTERPOL. It is amazing how many people are really waking up, in spite of the fact that we were lead to believe otherwise. Like one mate I saw before leaving, was absolutely, 100% convinced I would not be allowed in the US, but here I am, lol.

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