Sunday, October 31, 2010

Coral Castle's illuminates secrets behind Antigravity & the Pyramids to me

I have just had more fantastic insights into how things really work for optimum health and free energy and anti-gravity. Black holes are in every atom, watch Nassim Haramein explain this below

and Dan Winter

and are the negative ion. Negative ions are antioxidants that stop disease/oxidation. I sat under a negative ion generator of Dr Fred Bells I will upload in my new site hopefully shortly or in my youtube. Those negative ions gave me a euphoric feeling the same as I just felt last week at coral castle's lay line crossing point. I just put up a new youtube playlist that I blogged very recently [you can click on the label ZPE at the bottom of this blog to see all with that label]

which has some great youtubes on the secrets of coral castle in 3 parts at the very start that really helped me come to another understanding this morning at the same time my girl friend was thinking about wormholes as she was looking at the fan [1 of the many synchronization moments we have all the time almost daily]. That understanding of why coral castle was built where it was leads to the same reason why the pyramids where built where they were and how ie. because of black holes, negative ions, strongest at the vortex points where lay lines or the earths energy grid crosses helps produce the anti-gravity effect and assist in the moving of the huge rocks after pumping them up with more of those negative ions as I shared at the very start of the guided tour you will see on our videos, that is the Egyptian hieroglyphs show what looks like anti-gravity ion pump tools like big vases here with snakes in them i think meaning vortex. Just like what I felt move up anti-clockwise from the ground up my body to my pineal gland at coral castle's vortex.

Here is Dan Winter's interview that reveals a great deal on the black holes effect on health and anti-gravity and DNA.

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