Friday, November 4, 2011

11-4 EURO collapse perfect opportunity for New Financial System said recent GFL update

Here is the recent GFL update that says this collapse is the perfect opportunity to bring in the new financial system.

2011-11-04 SaLuSa Galactic Federation of Light

You know I do not like to spread fear and this collapse I do not fear at all, but rather I look forward too this for what will come out of it- THE NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM we have been looking forward too. I have a strong feeling that higher powers on and off planet are working together to take advantage of this situation that they have helped set-up over the last few years, with the 1st sign of the OWO's downfall the 2008 US Bailouts the OWO needed to do to try and save themselves for the rest of the world would not lend them anymore money for all their begging missions and threats of war/HAARP attacks/bombings etc. If the OWO wanted to bring in the NWO then where is the NAU Amero? BRICS and the 100 countries that Benjamin Fulford reports have signed the Monaco Accords in late August are taking the OWO down like an Aikido Martial artists. Taking them down while they are vulnerable and about to apply the pin and then twist the arm till they finally give up or else their arm WILL be broken ie Arrests apparently imminent. Some blogged below. Click NWO ARRESTS label at the bottom of the relevant blog below to see them all.

  1. SARS apparently stopped from being a major epidemic by the BDS (reported by Ben Fulford see my playlist in KEY INFOS Key Playlists)
  2. 2008 US Bailouts in order to save their own asses backfiring now with Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Everything going global
  3. 2008 Ukraine Breakout in order too start WW3 averted by Russians preemptive surgical strikes (many youtubes in my 1st uploads)
  4. 2009 Swine Flu-Population Control stopped by enormous rejections by Doctors & Nurses & public worldwide due too people waking up to the fraud with alternative media
  5. 2009 Carbon Tax stopped by Australia's last minute change of Opposition party leader voted in only just, Brazil, India & China threaten too walk out of COP15 (see video upload in KEY INFOS Key Playlists & Videos) and ClimateGate media campaign
  6. 2010 Gulf of Mexico BP Oil disaster attempt at creating a massive gulf tsunami averted
  7. Bilderbergers ran away scared of arrest early from the last meeting in Switzerland (see video in my favs by Alex Jones Channel)
  8. Undergound/Sea Bases destroyed (numerous blogs below) before population control plans with Comet Elenin alignment drills 9/29
  9. 1 million and 1 fear campaigns launched via mainstream media and through the internet trying to bread fear and hate WW3 starting with Iran, Fukushima Nuclear reactor disaster, BP Oil disaster, OWS,

Russia & Putin White Knights

Roubini predicts eurozone collapse; world markets will follow

Published: 04 November, 2011, 22:34

Nouriel Roubini (AFP Photo / Tony Ashby)

Nouriel Roubini (AFP Photo / Tony Ashby)

TRENDS: Eurozone crisis

TAGS: EU, Crisis, Budget, China, USA, Government Spending, Culture, Economy, Finance

Noted American economist Nouriel Roubini says the eurozone is in the midst of crumbling, and with the rest of the world’s future at stake with a potential collapse, they might want to listen up — Roubini has been right before.

Speaking privately at a get-together this week at his apartment, those in attendance have since leaked that Roubini, who manages the Roubini Global Economics firm, has low-expectations for resurgence in the eurozone. According to the economist, a collapse is imminent as the economy overseas gets more chaotic.

There is a “significant risk of a Eurozone breakup,” sources say Roubini told a handful of select party guests recently, reports the Business Insider. Adds the economist, if the Eurozone goes under, “everything around the world goes sour.”

Roubini has claimed that in the past he correctly predicted both the housing market crash and the worldwide recession, the aftermath of both is still evident in the crises across the globe. For his forecasting, Roubini has earned the title “Dr. Doom” from members of the media, who look to him for economic outlook and have been met with not-so-optimistic — and correct — assumptions from the analyst in the past. As the American economy continues to show slumping statistics and the unemployment rate stays at or above a stagnant 9 percent for months, a collapse across the pond could cause a catastrophe for the world economy.

Sources say Roubini announced, "If the Eurozone blows up, it all gets worse."

Less than two weeks ago, Roubini had predicted that the odds of a eurozone collapse were one-in-two.

“Unfortunately, in my view there is a risk, at least a 50 percent probability, that in the U.S., in the eurozone, in the United Kingdom, and in most advanced economies, the future in the next 12 months might suggest a recession, a downturn, rather than reacceleration of growth,” Roubini said on October 24 to Bloomberg.

According to The Jakarta Post, that same day Roubini hypothesized dire conditions for the Chinese economy, noting that most of their gross domestic product is made through exports. Beijing and Washington have been at odds in recent weeks about a tariff that could raise the price of Chinese goods coming into the States and could cause economic woes for both nations.

This week, the Business Insider reports that Roubini remains pessimistic about the future of China and says a build-up of non-performing loans at the banks and a large governmental debt will cause major problem in 2013, if not sooner.



  1. Click NWO ARRESTS label at the bottom of the relevant blog below to see them all. I'm looking for the Click NWO label bro, to see the ones that was arrested? but i do not see the listing, would you be as kind to post the names, or the link to the message for me please bro? thanks, best regards Dwayne

  2. Hey Dwayne,I do not have a list of people that have been arrested. look for the label ARRESTS to see news on ARRESTS that may have happened or may happen. Other then that guy from 2 years ago in my youtube channels playlist White Knights News I guess. See LINKS for my youtube channel Thankyouwhiteknights or click 1 of the 4 vids that show and chances are they will be mine, but not always.