Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why the Bees are dying-my understanding in line with David Wilcocks shared in the Source Field

David Wilcock explains it so well in his new release "The Source Field Investigations" book and audible mp3. As the 3D sacred G field changes up to the next octave they are being disoriented along with the slight pole adjustments. We are going from one platonic solid up to the next you can see on wikipedia what they look like at Nassim Haramein and Dan Winter also talk about this as you know. You will find youtube playlists on both in my youtube channel ThankYouWhiteKnights.

We have nothing to fear. It is not a cataclysmic event as much as the dark forces want us to believe.

I wish I had time too lay it all out with embeded youtube playlists for everyone.

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