Monday, November 14, 2011

11-11-11 Energies Require Grounding more then ever. I have found we need it for Health Scientifically Proven

Watch below to learn how grounding helps balance your electrical charge, reduce free radical charge build-up caused by our so called modern living environments ie synthetic plastic carpets, electrical devices, and rubber soled shoes leading to diseases such as arthritis, pain, and many other diseases. David Wolfe shows blood cell analysis of before and after photos and hormone graphs of grounded vs ungrounded people. The results clearly show a huge difference and benefit in grounding.
Grounding for Health Scientifically Proven
I have known about grounding since 1998 and done it here and their with out the valuable knowledge in the above playlist, that was syncronistically found mind you, lol. We are both being obviously guided as always.

11/13 we both had to Ground out at the beach with our feet in the water while sitting in our camper chairs for 1 hour at 11pm. Wow that was such a relief and so important, as we are both learning for our general health and well being and for pain reduction. You will learn too if you watch the playlist above how it helps balance your electrical charge and eliminate disease.

We will be coming out with products to assist grounding and the thyroid and negative ionization for health at in the near future so keep checking in addition to our existing DMSO and any day now MSM product line. The only online store with the highest Quality DMSO and DMSO &/or MSM Organic Cream on the market.

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