Monday, November 28, 2011

The Retarded OWO/PTW

RE the blog below.
So retarded how BRICS pushed the IMF to make Russia a head of the IMF back before this thing got in and then went on a begging mission to that country Russia almost straight away (her second trip outside her country) then too China and Japan, LOL. What a freekin Joke. What gall these OWO/PTW have. As Ben Fulford said they are like the Road Runner on the cartoons running off the cliff and running in mid-air just before it falls. The OWO/PTW are truly DEAD in the water. The question is when are they going to give up and/or the non-alligned Nations going to take-over. I think the legal actions I have shared yesterday from Poof and last week with Bush and Blair and month with the Queen and Pope along with the OWS covering all fronts should turn the tide soon.

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