Monday, December 13, 2010

Nuclear Receptor Dr Fred Bell Duo Tone Silver/14K Gold now on ebay from $500

Nuclear Receptor Dr Fred Bell Duo Tone Silver/14K Gold

This one is Sterling Silver with a prime cut emerald stone, with 14/kt gold bridge. 30 inch sterling chain. Over an ounce of REAL Silver here. Sells new for $2147 now and would take a year to get. Amazing piece, not to be believed till you’ve experienced it. Excellent original condition. Please see pics. This stone is great for weight control and balance. It works on the Throat and Hypothalamus Chakra. A different stone is available via

As I understand it, this will repel negativity, re- write your DNA, greatly increase your health.

“Amazing Paradyne Nuclear Receptor is a Scalar wave Quantum transforming device. The Receptor works via the DNA, and the ribbon theory of Superstrings utilizing the geometry of the Toryx strings to lead the DNA into re-spiraling, thus negating the false aging image projected.”

This is outer space technology. Go here to learn more and

4 More pages of super detailed information in this link below

…but if you’re looking, you probably already know what it is.

The winner of this auction will be pleased, amazing stuff! Thanks for looking.

I regret to have too sell this because of a lack of cash flow, otherwise would keep this.

Shipping and insurance depend on the final price.

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Nuclear Receptor
Our Price: $500
Original price: $2147.00. Duo Tone Sterling/14K Gold


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