Friday, December 24, 2010

Civil War was about abolishing Slavery? or enslaving us all? as US CORPORATION North kicks out the Republic South 1860 & only now 11-14-2010 reseated

The same old disinformation routine from the Powers That Were, no longer the powers that be. That routine is to tell us they are abolishing something but really expanding it ie say one thing in public while working behind the scenes against it in order to allude the masses.

I had intuitively been thinking from very little information that the Civil War 1860-1865 was in fact really the US CORPORATION called THE UNION, the North vs the Republic The Confederates, the South after following Tim Turner and the Restored Republic and my favorite Western Movies with Clint Eastwood "The Outlaw Josey Wales" which shows the US CORPORATION's beginnings. Watch the trailer here

and movie here for free] just in the last few months, mulling it all over till finally the penny dropped now big time, lol, with my inquiring mind. Wanting to know what really went on, and if all this Republic talk lately was true about it being last convened in 1860 just before the Civil War as Tim Turner said on the last Republic call blogged below, CW, Ken Cousens-in my latest youtube uploads

'shedding new light on history of the de facto US CORPORATION and de jure Republic. A very informative history'.

Well I found these youtubes and made a new playlist

Civil War myths US CORPORATION vs Republic

Certainly makes you question everything you were told now and for what motive. His-Story written by the winners. Now we are rewriting his-story, lol.

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