Monday, December 6, 2010

If China did not have the interests of the Citizens of the US at heart then why this?

I am not saying China is perfect, but I have people making comments in my last youtube upload saying they 'China' really do not care for their own people or the US Citizens/People, and that if you were to believe a lot of reports China is more tyrannical then the US CORPORATION and out to kill us all. Yet what I have found and reported is quite the opposite. Why? Am I an agent for China? I do not think so if you check what I share. I am not trying to provide false hope to keep your guard down, but instead help empower you with information to proactively participate in changing this world for the better through correct information and science of creation/consciousness/feeling. I believe and promote preparing for the worst while expecting the best.

Feeling is the prayer says Gregg Braden and I am simply trying to help those in fear overcome that dis-empowering feeling. I think and I am sure I am not alone in thinking that they the NWO control us by keeping us in fear, which paralyzes us and stops us from doing what we really need to do in order to turn things around for the better. Dr Bruce Lipton in his book Biology of Belief actually explains scientifically how fear actually makes us stupider. So this is a spiritual war you could say in this world of duality/karma as we see it, which is really just god or all that is just experiencing itself because we are all one ie part of all that is.

So now that said I have these points to make. If China was against us and its own people then why do all these articles ie youtubes and blogs I have shared in BRIC against NWO labeled blogs all with sources referenced show a completely different picture? Are these sources to be trusted or are the contrary sources not to be trusted? You really need to get both sides of any story before you go jumping to conclusions, which I call prejudice or pre-judgment. Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance. I am not saying I am right, but asking the question. Why? Please email me with your sources if you think I am wrong or comment below in order to help me provide better information.
  1. If China was like the NWO why would it not join the NWO ie US CORPORATION and allow the Carbon Tax for the ultimate genocide as they can then tax breathing CO2?
  2. Why would China Lien the Federal Reserve & US Treasury for $47 Trillion
  3. Why would China not go to War with the US for all the taunting the US has done instead of recent reports of very selected attacks on the F22 and CF18 (rumored not confirmed)
  4. Why would China be supporting the Republic for the united States reported by Tim Turner and others within the Republic and previous Restore America Plan
BRIC against NWO labeled blogs.
In Joy my friends

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