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12-15 New international commitments after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII

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UN Security Council voted, Wednesday evening, the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII, after the Council adopted three draft resolution included the extension of the work of international immunity to Iraqi funds and an end to restrictions on the production Taqo nuclear and weapons of mass destruction and the abolition of all Items Chapter VII, including the Food for Oil-for-mandate the Secretary General to the Security Council set up an account at about $ 20 million of oil revenues Iraq until December 2016 to cover the expenses of the relevant United Nations to end the remaining activities of the program, including the financing of the activities of the Office of the Coordinator of the United Nations High Commissioner for cases of missing Kuwaitis and Kuwaiti property.

UN Security Council met late Wednesday in New York in the presence of Iraq, represented by Minister of State, as well as representatives of the five major states, Turkey and Japan.

A statement by the UN body, which includes 15 members which was followed by Vice President Joe Biden’s call for Iraq to “meet its obligations remaining rapidly under the resolutions of the relevant Security Council taken under Chapter VII concerning the situation between Iraq and Kuwait.” Adding that “the situation now in Iraq is different a lot about the situation that existed at the time the adoption of resolution 661 of 1990. “

Out of Iraq from Chapter VII came three draft resolution, the Security Council was positions under the first resolution on the extension of the work (the Development Fund for Iraq) until June 30, 2011 instead of stopping its activities later this year as scheduled at the beginning of the command after Iraq confirmed that it will not request any further extensions of the work of the Fund.

He stressed that the proceeds of exports of oil and natural gas in Iraq will not be deposited in the Development Fund for Iraq after June 2011 but he will continue to deposit five percent of them to the Compensation Fund for the invasion of Kuwait. The second draft resolution represents an end to restrictions on weapons of mass destruction and missiles and the production of civilian nuclear energy imposed on Iraq under resolution 687 of 1991. The decision was the third to take the Secretary General to take all necessary measures to stop all the remaining activities of the oil for food program and the abolition of all letters of credit claims outstanding. The Council adopted resolutions (I and II) was adopted unanimously, in France declined to vote on the draft resolution III.

According to the decision to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, the Security Council authorized the Secretary-General to establish a special account to ensure the retention of $ 20 million from the proceeds of oil until December 2016 to cover the expenses of the relevant United Nations to end the remaining activities of the program, including the financing of the activities of the Office of the Coordinator of the United Nations High Commissioner for missing Kuwaitis and Kuwaiti property issues. as well as to keep about $ 131 million to finance the work of the United Nations and its representatives, agents, independent contractors for a period of six years with respect to all activities related to the program since its inception.

The international position of Iraq came after a series of measures carried out by seven years ago with regard to end the outstanding issues with Kuwait and the payment of compensation and work transparently with the International Organization of Atomic Energy, which was described in its latest cooperation of Iraq with “transparent.” Further tightening of Baghdad in more than of the memorandum of its mission to the United Nations that “the time has come” out of the money the UN resolution.

He Twenty years after the adoption of resolution 661 UN Security Council, which is the second decision issued against Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait in August 1990, the development of which Iraq under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations and imposed on him an economic embargo froze its assets in international banks. According to the resolution, Iraq remains subject to the requirements of Chapter VII that the stresses of the United Nations Security Council’s commitment to Baghdad with all the international resolutions concerning the occupation of Kuwait, including the file of compensation. and after the implementation of resolution 986 known as Oil for Food Programme, the United Nations to develop 5% of the proceeds from the sale of Iraqi oil since 1997 in a special fund to compensate Kuwait for losses suffered as a result of the invasion.

Leaks reported by the official Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) said his consultations, the Security Council to take a final position on Iraq, and Washington created the international atmosphere for the abolition of the international trusteeship in Iraq, as one of U.S. commitments to Iraq after 2003.

Last week, Washington said a delegate in the Security Council, Susan Rice, said he “would be an important opportunity for the international community to find out the real progress made by Iraq concerning the composition of the government in addition to the important steps taken for the completion of its commitment to the Chapter VII.”

For his part, UN Secretary-General of the United Nations to Iraq, Ad Melkert yesterday at a news conference in Cairo that “it is important to get out of Iraq from Chapter VII, and of the international point of view to be that there are effective relationships between Iraq and Kuwait and the entire region and restore the special relations and friendly relations between two countries. “

Is the common border between the two sides one of the most important points of contention so far, and that prompts Kuwaitis demarcated, as well as file which resulted in large awards paid by Iraq of Kuwait.

The Kuwait and Iraq had agreed Tuesday to withdraw about 500 meters from the international boundary between them deep into their territory step aimed at ending the border problems pending between them, and pledged to build 50 houses for Iraqi citizens homes are located very closely to the border and affect the sound vision and close monitoring of the area border.

Position of Kuwait in hand in line for weeks with the need to remove Iraq from Section VII, where Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad in September 21 last, support for that, saying that “Kuwait is the first country to wish to exit Iraq from Chapter VII, and this means that Iraq completed the implementation of resolutions and international obligations. “

Confirmed in the Kuwaiti press in a timely manner “Sheikh Nasser Mohammad Al-Prime Minister announced his agreement with the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon to end the outstanding issues with Iraq.”

Kuwait has sought since the fall of the former regime in the spring of 2003 to establish diplomatic relations firm with Baghdad, referring to being considered for Iraq on the basis of its political system is the new friend her, where dispatched Baghdad in mid-year, its first ambassador to Kuwait to establish “strategic relations” document, while it was Kuwait has sent its first ambassador to Baghdad since 2008.

The Undersecretary of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, however, Abawi, had confirmed the (Rn) on August 23 last that “Iraq has paid so far $ 30 billion of debt of Kuwait and remained, including $ 22 billion dollars.” And stressed that Baghdad is seeking to end the file of debt and compensation Kuwait exit from Chapter VII soon. stressing his country’s commitment to international resolutions of the Security Council on its neighbor Kuwait to close this file without delay.

While Bush’s Chief of the Arab world in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait Jassem Mubaraki’s (Rn) in the September 14, said he, “There are no outstanding issues with Iraq, and found minor problems, we have joint committees regarding the demarcation of the border and farms of joint and fishermen and coastal waters as well as Safwan border expansion port and oil fields in common, and will take these problems to be solved in the future. “

In Iraq announced on 19 September last in the statement of the spokesman for his government Ali al-Dabbagh’s (Rn) that “Iraq has begun the first step to resolve outstanding problems with Kuwait through the installation of border markers of the land boundary between the two countries, which demonstrates the commitment of Iraq, UN resolutions, stressing that “the Iraqi government is working to activate the Convention on the Unification of fields, joint oil, which could be where a joint investment between the two audit third party, include this step also solve the problem of farm common border in the town of Safwan in Basra province and belonging to farmers Iraqis.”


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