Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I will be getting Married to my Angel on 12-21 everyone WOOOOOO HOOOOOO

Hi friends.
I am about to tie the knot (get married) Tuesday 12-21 after proposing at Lovers Key here in Fort Myers on our 8th month anniversary on 11-27. I am glad to have finally met my soul mate and she me.

We both manifested each other after both listening to Shakti Gowain's Creative Visualization audio back in 2004, and probably in the same month of September, lol. The synchronicities are beyond counting that we have had and continue to have almost every-day, lol. Angela wrote a list of what she wanted in a man back then and that book popped up for no real reason from her mother after Angela asked her mom for paper to write on and after asking privately the night before for confirmation again lol that I was the 1. Any ways that list was so long (not really), lol, and I matched up to all of the items, which was a miracle, a sign from god, lol. We are both very happy together and look forward to living more of our dreams together for real now that we know how to manifest them.

The night I proposed was also very memorable and a miracle, thank god, lol. We went to dinner for our 8th month anniversary since talking online after meeting through Druannas 1st Sovereign Warriors site on 3-26. I thought of asking at the restaurant, but we had a table in between noisy people so that was not going to happen for me. So then I took Angela to 1 of her favorite spots on the water that was also overcrowded, so then went to a beach. We almost got chased by park rangers "Cops" dogs at this beach park just before I was going to ask at 11:11pm, dam, lol. That was also just after a squirrel that Angela thought was a rat ran straight for her and me coming within almost 1 yard before I scared it away while we sat in the dark on the beach looking at the rising full moon over the water. So then I needed to find somewhere else to propose without getting eaten by cops dogs, squirrels or rats, lol, and so I asked Angela where else can we go that is nice and Angela said Fort Myers beach. Well we could not find a good place then drove towards this bridge signed Lovers Key and BAM I thought THIS IS THE PLACE, only because it had a kewl name, lol. Well the other side had a car park in the rough gravel with a pitch black entrance to the beach, that I just did not think was any good but then remembered the high rise skyscraper resorts over the other side and that was perfect. It had a white sand beach, mirror like water, clear star lit sky, foxes running around on the jetty and right up to 5 yards from us, 9 falling stars, 1 UFO that we both prayed/manifested in 10-20 minutes, before then getting eaten by mosquitos, just so we could remember what we did for the swelling that took days to go down on Angela , lol. I find mozzies always prefer women over men, lol. I wanted to propose at 12:12pm (it's a numerology thing, 1's for being 1 and 2x2's power numbers and I am sure much more, lol) so then at the time I checked the time seeing 12:11pm just before asking I was preping to ask then a 3rd falling star fell and so I went along with that and I said "you know what I wish, that you would marry me" got down on my hands and knees and begged, lol. It was such a beautiful night there and we may go back to do a 1 year anniversary with a ceremony so that family and friends can come. We immediately asked that resort for wedding ceromony options. That resort's cheapest rooms are from $195/night. Angela also found alot of UFO activity here on youtube and I did blog that back then. So there you all go. Now you know, what happened, lol. A night to remember.

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