Friday, December 10, 2010

How high will Iraqi dinar revalue?

How high will Iraqi dinar revalue?

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Good question, yet one that no one I know can answer. There has been much talk about restoring Iraqi dinar to former level, which was in $3.32 range under Saddam, but this was never an international rate, so we cannot determine what they mean by former rates.

Having followed this for over six years, my gut says .33 rather than $3.32 range to start. No doubt, others have said in time they want to be equal to other regional countries, and Kuwait is $3.60 range, so what they mean and when they mean to restore is the big question no one knows.

With so much that has happened as stated, if not very slow, I do expect a revalue to happen this year, and with Alawi about to be seated as Prime Minister, he too has stated he wants to restore dinar to former level and he also stated he wants it equal to other middle east countries, so if we average them out, this would mean closer to $3.00, so we shall see, just be patient and sit tight.

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  1. The only zero lopping are the zeros that will be lopped off of the Iraq dinar exchange rate when the revaluation occurs thereby boosting the dinar value. Any other news information on lopping that surfaces on the Internet is always isolated to a news source that is reporting on the Iraq Dinar for the ‘first time’, or someone who wants to create an article that gets mainstream attention in the dinar information world. Dinar Blog