Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Future events sequence by Sheldan Nidle

Submitted by GW - Thanks

From Sheldan Nidle latest webinar this is fluid and things may change depending on what happens

1 - release of funds to those in "various programs"
2 - initial resignations of pres vp cabinet legislature supreme court
3 - interim govt installed
4- 10-14 days of suppressed info legal financial world past events and history
4a - banking changes over 4 month period
4b - decrease of prices of up to 85-90 % may include real estate and vehicles?
5 - disclosure of et's technology and history (after 10-14 days of #4 4a and 4b)
6 - first contact 6-8 months after disclosure of et's
7 - metamorphosis chamber / mentors and reformation of outside earth at same time 3-4 days sometime after first contact
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