Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Starting a Grand Jury info I guess will help I also need to check out

check out my youtube playlist linked under my blogs KEY INFO here
Videos on youtube at Restored America - The Republic for the united States
and also the http://republicfortheunitedstates.org/

DOCUMENTS tab after you have logged in for more here between the *** that I have NOT HYPERLINKED just in case they do become available to non-members as it was not intended

Seating your County and County Grand Jury

Ken Cousens - Chief Republic Foremen in Riverside California (3 Parts)

http://www.republicoftheunitedstates.org/downloads/calls/countyinfo/11-06-10Part3.wmv (updated 12-05-10)

Documents - County Information

* Notice of County
* Affidavit of Archivist Custodian of Records
* Declaration and Affidavit of County Governor
* Grand Jury Presentment
* Grand Jury Presentments and Servings
* Proceedure for Completing County Settlement Constitution
* Grand Jury is 4th Branch of Government

Documents - General Information

* Information on Republic Great Seal


and of course the Jural Covenant on the home page beside

What you need to Be a Part of the Republic:

here it is copied from the top of the home page with other docs below saying it is Lawful.

Documents Section

What you need to Be a Part of the Republic: Click Here

Database Access Agreement: Click Here (Only Active Republic Office Holders)

Blacks Law Definition for a Defacto Government verses a De Jure Government?: Click Here

Law Pertaining to a De Jure Grand Jury C.J.S. 38A Section 9: Click Here for Page or Full Copy

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