Friday, January 21, 2011

Amazing ABC hitpeace on China spearheaded by the NWO Queen Hitlary Clinton
Watch the main video for about 30mins with many adds to see the nwo unspeaking lol nobel prize winner I think 1 year before Obama. If you do not smell a rat then their is no hope, lol. I think they were trying to upset the Chinese because they would not accept their "Democracy" with that nobel prize winners spear head. All a psy-op, because they know they are going down and all they can do is try to divide and conquer with no honor. The video interview showing Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo getting interviewed is so weird with the interviewer in the middle nodding at Liu Xiaobo who is not moving his lips while someone to the right off screen is talking as if talking for Liu Xiaobo. Such a laugh how the interviewer smiling knowing that most people will believe this interview.

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