Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sorry Merry Christmas & Happy New Years I have been busy with bedridden newly wed wife since 24th

Well I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New year and apologize for not saying sooner as I have been very busy with looking after my wife who has been bed ridden for the last 7 days till yesterday when she spent most of the day and night at the lounge getting into her thing which I have just also listened to and favorited on my youtube. Angela came down with an ear infection that I think spread too her gums that caused severe vertigo (dizziness), nausea(feeling like sending food the reverse to eating it,lol) , and more ie the what comes after nausea reversal of eating, lol. We both missed out on sharing Christmas with the family and New Years but did see the New Years celebrations with the Fireworks all around us from our front door that went on for 10 to 30 mins or more full on. Man you yanks sure love to let loose with things that go bang, lol.

With Angela Colloidal Silver and homeopathic drops helped the infection along with a Doctors Chiropractic adjustments. We are now making up some mms miracle mineral solution we think will kick this infection to the kerb more-so then what she has done so far. Unfortunately for herself Angela gave the mms I told her to get for herself to her aunt, which cured her AIDS per the Doctors tests and so we have not had any and only days ago was able to order and receive the mms DIY ingredients. I think we both have learnt so much about this like how Ibuprofen an Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug kills and causes serious side effects including taking away the protective mucus layer from the gastrointestinal tract and wish we had just taken the mms miracle mineral solution on a regular basis as I wanted Angela to do. Angela is starting to learn I do know what I am talking about and the value of a good Chiropractic Doctor and getting off the nerve toxins aspartame and MSG. Never mind we all learn from our experiences and I am certainly not perfect, lol but almost, lol.

I think Angela was testing the wedding vows in sickness and in health line, lol, as it only took 2 days till she was sick.

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