Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11 Earth’s magnetic pole shifts, screws up runway at Florida airport


I just heard from my Step mother SE Queensland here are her words "they are forecasting floods to exceed the 1974 floods and thousands of homes expected to be inundated in Brisbane and Ipswich, with the peak expected on Thursday 13th. 9 people have been confirmed dead with many more missing after a flash flood in Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley yesterday afternoon. Southern Qld is a disaster area." and with us here in SW Florida my wife is saying this rain never happens this time of year but only summer, so it seems to be Earth Ascension symptoms, lol. My wife also had been bed ridden for 7 days from the 12-24 and is now finally at 90% after alot of Chiropractic Doctor visits, homeopathy, colloidal silver and now mms. The vertigo (feeling the room is spinning around her) come on so suddenly for the 1st time in her life and we both think it could be related for sure with the shift in play.


Scientists and geologists all agree the Earth has experienced many pole shifts in the past. There is growing evidence that the Earth's magnetics are definitely changing and the changes are accelerating.

For years Sheldan has educated us about Earth's physical transformation which includes a pole shift BUT NOT THE KIND MOST PEOPLE TALK ABOUT. Sheldan tells us we will not have a pole reversal which would continue to have Earth as a bi-polar planet; but instead, Earth's pole shift will be where the north pole surrounds the surface of Gaia and the south pole migrates inward creating a mono-polar planet. This makes sense because spiritually we are transforming from a reality based on duality~~up/down, north/south, black/white, good/bad, beautiful/ugly, rich/poor etc., to a reality based on Unity~~cooperation, non-competition, sovereignty, oneness and Love. Our next pole shift is a leap in consciousness ~~ a transition from a 3D reality to a 5D reality.

A quote from Sheldan's book, Your First Contact, sums it up well:

"Complete Love is based on a profound inner compassion for your soul's growth and a sincere outer compassion for each other."

I've compiled a few recent videos on pole shifts. It is important to have a good understanding of our coming changes so we can assist our communities in the future. We invite you to join us for Sheldan's next webinar: The Galactic Option.

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On EarthWatchers website is posted a short excerpt from an AGU meeting discussing eruptions from the other side of the sun. During the Q&A, a man asked the question about the changes in Earth's magnetics and asked what they thought about a polar shift. Judging by the way the man immediately to his left snaps his neck around in surprise demonstrates this speaker was not expected to say anything about the polar shift. The NOAA Scientist's comments are brief but support Sheldan's information that the south pole is migrating inward.

Also included, is the full length ( (48 min) video of the AGU meeting for those who enjoy detailed scientific information.

Note: AGU stands for American Geophysical Union,



Greg is always a favorite of mine. In this video Greg comments on a tv news clip about Tampa International Airport readjusting its runways due to the movement of the Earth's magnetic fields. The airport has closed its primary runway until Jan. 13 to change taxiway signs to account for the shift, the Federal Aviation Administration reported. For complete aritcle: Magnetic north pole shifts forces closure of Florida airport

Please note: Greg's interpretation of the polar shift is a reversal shift which I do not agree with (see my comments above). I believe Earth will shift from a bi-polar planet to a mono-polar planet. Gaia and all her people will experience a dimensional shift. I agree with all his other comments.


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