Saturday, January 8, 2011

1-8 Florida Republic call with Ambassador Michael Bishop and Mary

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EPISODE2 - Florida Republic with Ambassador Michael Bishop, Mary & more

Michael Bishop and Mary introduce the Republic for Florida-its purpose, importance and function including to serve bottom up rather then top down as the US CORPORATION is now. Michael also shares the history of the Republic going back to 1860 and how we are just re-inhabiting that 4th branch of government lawfully. Q & A and details of the Delray Beach meeting on tomorrow.

Republic meeting tomorrow Sunday January the 9th at 230pm at Delray Beach details in my I welcome your calls so we can network together and move things along quicker to achieve a quicker remedy, rather then physical meetings at locations that cost more in time and money to get too. This is also a recorded call for the benefit of saving duplication of Q and A.

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