Thursday, January 6, 2011

1-8 NEW Florida Republic call changed talkshoe # & time to Saturday as Meeting Sunday

1-2 NEW Florida Republic PUBLIC CALLS to assist in getting remedy asap


Florida Republic online or phone call in (see phone details within) talk show every Sunday BUT since there is a meeting this Sunday I will do the 2nd episode for open to the PUBLIC starting Saturday January 8th at 8pm EST (time may change so keep checking as I have a meeting with others on the same day around the same time from the 2 contacts for South Florida I received from the Ambassador). These calls will be recorded and archived as mp3's for the benefit of all at any time. I have started for the benefit of all in Florida and around the world here that is also under links permanently as Florida Republic PUBLIC CALLS mp3 archived wkly with ThankYouWhiteKnights as host which is me Scott of course. So please invite as many as you can so we can come together and get organized to get our remedy asap. I just did the 1st show introducing it, its purpose and assistance I can offer to those seeking remedy.

I am thinking I could start sharing a list of contacts on google docs but you have to have a google account ie a gmail to access it, then people can add their name too that and see others and get in contact with them to get things happening quicker. Off course some will not want to share this way for fear of rats but I am over all that and it is time to stand up and come out of fear or nothing will get done. I think that is what is stifling this whole Republic movement. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. You can just give whatever details you like so others may contact you like email &/or phone & county.

I of course also noticed that florida website was not doing much and read a blog on
and Check my blogs labeled Republic Meetings

However I did get replies back from the Florida Ambassador within a day on 12-09 and minutes on 12-17 but 12-27 later I asked if we can get Governors contact to get the seal or signature for our State ID's but have had no reply since and will try to blog when I do get a reply if not mentioning it in the talk show above.

It would be good to at least get a instant reply if he was on holiday to say he was on holiday and when he would be back, but not everyone knows how to set this up not even me as yet. We really need to help improve communications to quick grow the republic in all of America asap if we hope to achieve quick remedies. We can not expect that those at the top do all the work and need to offer our assistance to help the whole asap.

Oh I just checked the Republic of Florida website and found 14 replies and just submitted a reply to be approved here

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