Friday, January 7, 2011

1-9 Republic Meeting invites any including Martin, Palm Beach & Broward Counties


Hi Daniel, I am pleased to hear that you and Scott will be attending the Sunday meeting. Scott emailed me, but I am completely blocked from sending him an email. Very unusual! He asked if he
could contact more people. Please let him know, that any persons residing in or recruits for Martin, Palm Beach, or Broward Counties will be greatly appreciated, most especially. I am looking forward to meeting you both. Sincerely, Susan

I noticed with the invite I blogged below (just click the LABEL Florida Republic or Republic Meetings for the meeting) ANYONE is invited that wishes to support and start Grand Juries.
Thanks very much Sue and it is good to know I our communications are being blocked as that only confirms to me WE ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING LOL. SO I WILL DOUBLE MY EFFORTS, LOL.

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