Saturday, January 14, 2012


I get questions about becoming a Secured Party Creditor and the UCC docs constantly and many people assume I can help answer their questions directly to save them time. Well unfortunately I do not know everything even though I have shared a lot of the information and I do not have the time to assist in answering all these questions, however I can point you in the right direction.

Sorry I can not answer you directly.

If you have time and do now want to spend money then see more below this paragraph. For only $20 a month the below link will give you nearly all you need QUICKLY, so please use it even if it is only for just under 1 month and then cancel before the anniversary ie your 2nd charge.

KEY INFO at the top (where I got the above link from) especially anything on Tim Turner, because I have been through a lot of others you can find in my site (in this blogs LINKS again) at the bottom of the home page and the video page. So I recommend Tim Turners videos, talkshoes Alumni and America Can Be Free, you will also get more from the Republic for the united States links as Tim Turner is the President of the Republic since late 2010 and the whole organization is all about remedy to the same end and can be valuable no matter what country you are in. If you have a question about does the UCC apply to you all I can say is check all of my resources I am offering here and my BLOGS LINKS on the right side ie Illuminating Minds, Sovereign Warriors actual sites to ask others or see forums where it might have been answered. I also share their all I have found on Accepting for Value in zip files in my or Debt Elimination links. I also did share a little in my talkshoe (in this blogs LINKS again) about my results and how to, but most of my published info I shared in the old Sovereign Warriors site no longer up all saved in my precise link under this blogs LINKS lower right side. Some of those links will be in my channel (in this blogs LINKS again) left of my channel comments too.

I am sure you will find a lot of valuable info. Just take your time and check all of my blogs KEY INFO and LINKS on the right side. I have provided all this for your benefit. Happy researching.
In Joy

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