Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dream of David Wolfe this morning riding some big animal lol

I had a dream of David Wolfe this morning just before waking. I was in a tree top restaurant and he came out riding some big animal like an elephant but it was not an elephant and came around to me and said hi and I said hey mate I am Scott from youtube.com/thankyouwhiteknights lol and he said kewl I am davidavocadowolfe and I said yes I know bro lol.

I spoke with the mate I was sitting with in the Tree top restaurant that was all natural 1 story or more up amongst the trees and said what would you do if you where the richest hippy lol, then woke up.

What is it now with all these famous people in my dreams lol. Messages telling me I am on the right path or what? lol. Is it my higher self, God or the GFL? I had a feeling during the 1st famous persons dream with David Wilcock it was not really him, but an alien from the GFL projecting him/her/itself as David Wilcock. When you watch this video from 6:30ish you might understand what might be going on.


I just had an interview with Druanna Johnston on her BlogTalkRadio (I will share if I can ever find it is archived) where Dru also shared she had a dream of David Wilcock about the time he went on Freedom Radio with Carry Kassidy and anonymous back a month or 2 or so ago.

I met David Wolfe at his seminar at Miami 11-17, took photos of me with him, after getting his book autographed Superfoods and then recorded the whole seminar on mp3. Video was not allowed. I had seen 2 UFO's the night before, my wife saw a different 1 as a diamond shape about 1/5th the size of the moon, I found out much later.

Another thing I met with my 1st raw food friend in Townsville, Queensland, Australia who had also said she had ET contact and they said they recommend that raw food for its life promoting qualities. That was 2008 and she did refer to David Wolfe too I am sure. So I will let you join the dots lol.

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