Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Dream of Dr Wayne Dyer author of "Spiritual Solution to Every Problem" links to Pineal Gland & Dreams & my last with David Wilcock & Dolores Canon

I just had this dream this morning before waking. I think the messages are all about how we can help our spiritual development by looking after our pineal gland with MSM (biological Sulfur an essential nutrient we are so low in today), DMSO (biological Sulfur an essential nutrient we are so low in today), Iodine (98% people of 4000 Dr Brownstein tested in video below found deficient and why Iodized Salt does not cut it), Colloidal Gold, Ormus and staying away from Calcium Carbonate (aka Chalk found in food and toothpaste), Fluoride (in many tap waters and drugs now) and Bromine (found in breads and drugs). You will find within what I am doing and what you can do from the experts such as David Wolfe, Dr David Brownstein, on many free videos and audios.

Just dreamt of Dr Wayne Dyer author of "Spiritual Solution to Every Problem" (which I just got on DVD from and did get on mp3 on 6 odd months ago and 1st listened too back about 2005 for free on I was part of his brain storm group of about 10 of us at a back room meeting during a seminar helping him with things to share with the audience. I saw he was outside the hotel by himself trying to get ideas for his talk just before the meeting. I said "we need to have faith that the right idea will come at the right time". Dr Wayne Dyer was very excited with my suggestion. I suppose it is time to watch the DVD lol.

Yesterday I just added him and many others to my info page here on my facebook under the inspirational listings. 12-4 I had and shared a dream of David Wilcock. So this is all getting very interesting lol.

I can not wait to make our 1st batch of lugols Iodine and take it, which has the benefit of decalcifying the pineal gland ie pushing toxic fluoride and bromine out of the body says Dr Brownstein whos books are coming and video i shared below. I have been taking DMSO and MSM we sell to help decalcify my body including my pineal gland and must say it is helping. Next I want to take and make colloidal gold/ormus to help as-well (see my playlist linked below the embeded video below for more on ormus and decalcification). I have been off the iodine and mono-atomic gold for 2 years. I have taken small doses of potassium iodide and iodine since, but the cost is so high and doses so low. Far below what Dr Brownstein recommends ie 50mg/day.

I use to take 150mg/day as I shared in MY HEALTH PROTOCOLS labelled blogs. If I were to try and get that from 1 bottle I bought I would have to take the whole 2oz bottle for $7, which is absolutely CRAZY. I hope to share this cost comparative analysis soon. I do a lot of this as you will see below in order to stay competitive in the market with our business Exlcusive Wellness Club. So that is why I now believe you can only get enough from lugols iodine at a great price from very few suppliers. I have only found 2 others supplying at the value I am looking for. We will be coming out with a great quality, strong as legally possible 2% for a competitive price ie competitive with the cheapest on the market, because we want to help as many as possible. Dr Brownstein shares a very thorough broad analysis on iodine and how 98% of people tested were deficient here

or below the above video in my playlist "Health Your True Wealth"
Iodine is now my #1 supplement with MSM & DMSO #2.

Since about 1998ish I have been seeing all sorts of therapists with Chiropractors since 2003. Since being here in Florida I have been seeing a Chiropractor here about once every month, but since taking MSM have stretched that out too 4 months saving me 3 visits at about $50 equaling $150 over 4 months. That is $37.50 per month saved. While If I had have bought our products at retail like you can it would have cost $13.67/mo to give me a net savings of $23.83/mo, not to mention all the other benefits down the road from taking these products.

Just so you know I can calculate lol.

I did the calcs 2 different ways to be sure.

1.5 grams of MSM Powder 8oz @$7.99 [8 ozs x 29.57grams/oz = 236.56gms so $7.99/236.56 gms = 3.38 cents/gm x 1.5gms/dose = 5.07cents/dose x 3 doses/day = 15.1cents/day x 30days/month = $4.56/month in MSM or 236.56gms/(1.5gms x 3doses/day=4.5gms/day) = 52.57 days/30 days/mo = 1.75mo so $7.99/1.57mo = $4.56/mo] AND 30 drops of DMSO 99.99% Pharmasolvent Grade 4oz Dropper @ $6.99 [4 US fl ozs=4 x 29.57ml/US fl oz = 118.28ml x 20 drops/ml = 2365.6 drops/4 US fl ozs $6.99/2365.6 drops = 0.295cents per drop x 30 drops = 8.86cents/30 drops x 3 doses per day = 26.6c/day x 30 days/month = $7.97/mo or 2365.6 drops/(90 drops/day x 30 days/mo=2700 drops/mo) = $7.99/0.876months dosages = ($ 9.11/mo in DMSO + $4.56/mo in MSM = $13.67/mo in MSM & DMSO.

Another thing I have done is avoid Calcium Carbonate aka chalk and Calcium supplements, per David Wolfes videos above. They have Calcium forming organisms in them that David believes lead to arthritis and oxidation in the body. I found Calcium Carbonate in my Tom's Fluoride Free toothpaste lol. What a freeking joke so stopped taking that and found an alternative a few days ago.

A very close by person with back disc problems I sprayed 15 drops of activated MMS on using our glass spray bottle and MMS kit and within 5 minutes his back pain he has had for a long time went down from 8/10 with 10/10 being maximum pain to 2/10. He was absolutely amazed and it lasted all that afternoon and possibly longer. He and his wife are now reading up on MSM and DMSO trying to help themselves and loved ones. They are very excited about our products now and will stay in touch.

Another Truck driver had a herpes outbreak on his mouth and tried our MMS kit with DMSO 99.99% Pharmasolvent Grade 4oz and after doing Jim Humbles protocol for a few days to a week had it under control and now swears by our products.

Our biggest customer used our MMS kit for her dog that had a serious kidney disease and was on deaths door but after 1 drop of activate MMS per day got better and better and is still with her now. She has agreed to share her experiences on my Blog Talk Radio or Talkshoe, which I plan on having soon.


  1. Thanks for the information you are sharing about iodine, DMSO, MSM, etc. With regard to the 'chalk' in toothpastes, it is a good thing to stop using them, however, it may not be enough to 'soften' the structures of the body that have become hardened, such as the pineal, due to such exposures over time. I have found the homeopathic remedy Calcarea Fluorica to be extremely helpful in addressing this problem. Also using the Calcarea Carbonica (homeopathic calcium carbonate) can help address problems caused by too much exposure to the hardening factors of the wrong form of calcium.
    I have also found in my work that vitamin K is very helpful for supporting healthier pineal function, as is a homeopathic remedy that helps with drainage and detoxification of the pineal.
    I am a naturopath in Las Vegas, and find quite frequently that toxicity and congestion in the pineal is affecting the entire body's hormone balance, not to mention clarity of mental function. I believe the pineal is the MASTER GLAND, rather than the pituitary. It is the gland the converts darkness to light, both in actuality and metaphysically. To help stimulate the pineal's function, hold a small flashlight with a fairly bright light about 1/2 inche from the area known as the glabella, between and just slightly above the line that the inside part of the eyebrows forms. This is also known as the 3rd eye. Hold the flashlight there for about 30 seconds before bed.

    Michelle Johnson, ND