Friday, June 3, 2011

My Nan update-better for a few hours not out of the woods so I am appreciative of some more light & love now thank you all

For those of you following this and sending light and love and imagining her well with friends and family I got updated yesterday not long after blogging for the request for your help. I heard my nan did improve to the point of being able to see long separated loved ones and the family and my mum did let her know of my mass prayer and was very appreciative of all the love. Nan then later in the day declined a little and is not out of the woods yet. I do not want to give the exact details of what is wrong because I do not want you to focus on that. If you have seen the 1st playlist I gave yesterday in my previous blog on this with the videos (16th in the playlist) on with Shelly Yates's Fire the Grid story of how she brought back her son from the dead or very close to the dead, then you would understand.

More of my family are on their way. My brother from Melbourne and my sister from far north Queensland. Nan was told this yesterday and was surprised and thankful for that too.

I thank you in advance of anymore love and light you can send and that for which you have already done. I truly appreciate it.

I also just added The Secret movie to my playlist below in my last blog. It is 8th now in that playlist.
In Joy

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