Thursday, June 2, 2011

Healing by imagining great health for my Nan request

My nan has been in hospital in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with some serious issues and I would appreciate if any of you could do a quick 2 minute healing by imagining her healthy and vibrant again, unless it is her will to go.

I have considered flying back to see her but am not allowed with my VISA being processed and almost completed. We also do not have enough for the flight right now.

I have contacted and sent love to all my family and Nan over their and will send them this along with some videos below on the Science of Miracles/Prayer/Consciousness. I have already written about how this can help and decided it was time for me to reveal it all to them now more so then my previous attempt.

Power of Visualization & feeling is the prayer & science

Science of Peace-Inner Peace=Outer Peace

Matrix Energetics Power of Consciousness

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