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Change is on the Horizon - MUST SEE - A Masterpiece on White Knights & the Illuminati


thanks too John for turning me onto this from his blog here below and thanks too Mr Ed and RMN team


Three years of hard work finally done. MUST VIEW!

Change is on the Horizon is the epic story of how the world lost its soul and how it will gain it back. Directed and narrated by James Rink.

Part 1 Dawn of the Golden Age - Discuses how Saint Germain helped bring about the beginnings of a enlightened era which soon fell into darkness under the helms of the Illuminati and a corrupted masonic order.
Part 2 - The American Federal Empire. America was always meant to be always a shinning beacon of freedom and prosperity to the world. But the machinations of British bankers and the Rothschild's soon destroyed all that was once good in this great land.

Part 3 - The Farmer Claim Program - Discuses how a class action lawsuit brought about in the early 1990's lead to the creation of NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation which will ultimately tear apart the New World Order and bankers plans right out from under their feet.


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"Change is on the Horizon" by James Rink (3 pt Video) Pre-Disclosure ***MUST SEE***

Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 22-Jun-2011 18:57:47

"Change is on the Horizon" by James Rink (3 pt Video) Pre-Disclosure ***MUST SEE***

The real history of America they didn't teach you in school.
This is lengthy (about 1 hour each part) so if it is too much for you at once...just view 1 part each day.

After over 20 years of my own research into this and similar subjects I can personally tell you that "everything" you see & hear in this documentary is factual & true.

This young man of 31 has spent 3 years in the making of this film...and I have never seen such a comprehensive compilation of facts.

I wonder who & where he got some of it from...but he claims to be a direct contactee with the Galactic Federation of I am not surprised.

Please take the time to view this carefully (as it is packed full of data) and please share this with the truth must get out.

I am sure many of you will be shocked to learn the truth...but as I said...this is real. Mr.Ed

1. YouTube - Change is on the Horizon Part 1 of 3 Dawn of the Golden Age

2. YouTube - Change is on the Horizon Part 2 of 3 The American Federal Empire

3. YouTube - Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program


Anonymous said...

I just watched part 3 /... very good and informative... The Clones are a little hard to believe and they just brush right over that

Anonymous said...

I have been in contact with James (producer of these films) since last year. He is actually a super soldier that was trained under the secret government. He openly speaks about some of his faded memories and his clone that is used while he is on secret missions. He has also written some books that are awesome to read.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all contributors! Brilliant presentation!

Anonymous said...

If you want to learn more about clones...go here. Mr.Ed >>>

Alcuin and Flutterby: The Bilocation of Hillary Clone-Clinton

Anonymous said...

Hi I am James Rink , never thought this documentary would get this much attention. I made this because i got tired of Wikipedia and documentaries like zeigiest, money masters, loose change, Alex Jones endgame just dashing around the issues. No one wants to go down to the core of the problem. A lot of people are afraid of looking at the insidious truth or just too lazy to care. So i attempted to make rather boring information interesting and I hope i managed to keep your attention. Three hours of material is a lot to digest. When I showed part 2 to a small audience last December they were all overwhelmed of the info as it keeps coming and coming at you until at the end you feel like you want to vomit from anger at what these people have done. That's my goal to shock the person with the truth and maybe plant a seed so they will stop being a follower but instead take action and do something. For me it was making a documentary but for you maybe its something different. Hoped i helped in some way. Thanks


James Rink actually got in contact with me I think around late 2008 just after I came out with my youtube channel. Since yesterday we have been messaging each other. I found out he sourced much of this info from other sources then myself, so that means he may have had different sources and thus strengthens both of our stories/theories about what is really going on. I have permission to share this video in my youtubes uploads and will do ASAP so those that do not follow this blog nor my youtube favorites will see it and too back James up in case they take his channel out. Although I think he is protected and that will not happen.

In Joy my friends

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