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James Rink's God box for increased Life Force, manifestation/law of attraction and much more

I have been now getting into James Rink's youtube channel and the technology he is sharing and selling here at using Zero Point Energy/Orgone/Life Force energy. It is quite fascinating and I now want to build 1 for myself. I have always thought the cone is better then a pyramid for the CSE/ZPE effect. I did share how I thought this energy is a conical spiral on my talkshoes and possibly my youtubes on orgone. My UFO TECH playlist, Sheldan Nidle interview uploads with pics and blogs labelled ZPE share this aswell ie the Spin field that is spiraling conical nature just inspired by Richard C Hoaglands Torsion field talks on coast to coast on the bees way back in 2007 I think. The bees antenna moves in a cone detecting this torsion field that emanates from all living things including its hive. I shared a link in at least 1 of my youtubes and maybe playlists on how you can detect this energy without a human interference ie taking the human out of the picture. As with dowsing and plumbob methods where the human holds rods or a string with a weight on the end. I am not saying these methods are not valid, although I am a bit of a scientist and like to take out the possibilities of interference as much as possible. Here it is from a google search on Biofield Meter from Dr. Buryl Payne
Dr. Buryl Payne
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About Spin Force Book Biofield meter Users Observations

The Biofield Meter

A measurement device for what has heretofore been unmeasurable - an energy field around the human body.

The Biofield Meter is simple to use, rugged, and stable in operation. To make a measurement, a person sits under the instrument with eyes at the level of the frame and reads the degree of initial rotation on a wall scale. Usually the initial amount of rotation will be between 1 and 70 degrees.

The discovery of this instrument opens up a whole new area of scientific investigation.

Biofield Meter with Ebook - $70

Free Shipping

Outside the U.S.? - pay an addition $10 shipping fee. Total $80

Upon purchase, please send email to and we will send you the Ebook and Biofield Meter.

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WHAT IS THE Biofield?

The term "Biofield" is merely an abbreviation for biological energy field. The Biofield is related to magnetism, yet different from it. It may be related to what people have called the human aura. It seems to be a spinning force or torque around the body. Further research is needed to determine the nature of the Biofield.


* Measurements of the Biofield have shown that it is highly variable and closely associated with magnetic changes of the Earth's field.

* During strong geomagnetic disturbances the Biofield will vary in both amplitude and polarity. (that is, initial direction of rotation of the Biofield Meter.)

* There is a polarity change 85% of the time around new or full moon.

* People are more stressed and hyperactive during periods of geomagnetic disturbance. Accidents, illness, crimes, and international battles are all more likely to happen at these times.

* Weather storms often are more severe at times of geomagnetic disturbances. The Biofield also varies accordingly.

The Discovery of the Biofield: A different kind of Magnetism?

and my youtube on it also showed lol here

DOR TO OR & Biofield Meter for Measuring Orgonite

where you will find it linked in more info along with another interesting link.

Another thing I noticed in James Rink's God box is the number of cones which is more important then size as Dr Fred Bell told me on his show after I called in in 2005ish. Dr Fred Bell said It is better to have a lot of pyramids in your fuel tank rather then just 1 big pyramid over the car (which he thought I said and he tried to make fun of me but if you listen to those 1st 16 shows of his you will realise he is mistaken). This is also what Stan Tenan said on you can listen too that the Great Pyramid had calcite which is limestone crystals covering it, which are pyramid shaped just like the Great Pryamid they where on so it resonated with it.

James Rinks god box reminds me of Nassim Harameins talk (youtubes I have shared in my playlist here at the end of the 45 parts around part 36 AT 8 MINUTES I think

) about the Arch of the Covenant in the King James Old Testimate described God as the Tetragramatron (Tetra=pyramid, Gramatron=Gravity)( that Moses used to part the Red Sea with.
In Joy my friends

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