Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Nan did pass peacefuly about 12 hours ago & I was granted my Green Card

For those of you who followed my 3 week ago request to send love and light or pray my nan goes which ever way she wills I thank you. Nan got to see all close relatives before she went on 430am Wednesday Brisbane, Queensland Australia time. I called on her Saturday at 11am and although she could not speak the nurse said she definitely heard me. I had the feeling before I called that she did not have much longer and would hold on to see relies over the weekend then let go early to mid week around 3am in the peace of the week and night. Nan had a stroke about late May that initiated her departure. She was in her early 80's. I loved her so much. Last night around 730pm here I called my mum at her 930am then my Dad and step mother. I then went to bed at 8pm and minutes afterwards I felt a presence in the room that made me think an actual person was in the room and while looking at the back of my eye lids I saw a dark ball move from top to bottom. I can only guess this was Nan and have never had something like that happen to me before. It was quite profound and not just a wondering dreaming mind.

I had just been up since 1030pm Monday night the day my 2 year Conditional Permanent Residence/Green Card was granted at 8am here in the US at Tampa Florida during the i-485 Interview. My nan was also told of this success after we both called our parents around 830 to 9am and how happy we were as the huge load was just lifted of of us. A lot of work was put in and the officer had about 700 pages of files I had submitted that probably took us about 2 to 4 weeks at 40 hours per week behind supplying. I was up since midnight Saturday right through till 11 am Monday, that's 35 hours which included up to about 5pm Sunday of 20 odd hours between both of us preparing before even leaving for our Tampa Hotel, where we worked from 1130pm till 7am minus a couple of hours getting food on sorting out the 500 pages. The funny thing is the interview only took 2 to 3 minutes, then 2 to 3 telling us what next, then we where out at 811am after sitting down at 753am in the waiting room, lol. We printed off about 500 pages Sunday and he only looked asked a few must ask questions and asked for some photos, how we met and then said your approved, lol. Now we can focus on living and our honeymoon. A cruise down around Jamaica and over too some Pyramids in Central America now that I am finally allowed out of the country with the stamp and letter I received in my passport from the interview.

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