Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hoaglands BEST TALK EVER 2011-3 covering ALL topics of importance

I thank Richard so much for providing this timely and GREAT MESSAGE. Richards videos I 1st watched in 1998 (with my DAD as well then too) were in my playlist at the bottom were instrumental in my journey. Hoagland's Mars NASA Cedonia briefings videos I just added to the end of the bottom playlist with 2 or 3 more new video presentations I have just found.

Hoaglands BEST TALK EVER 2011-3

Mars Pyramids & Face reveal AntiGravity ZPE Physics Hoagland

I know Richard went a bit wayward with Obama thinking he was all good way back. Not that I have written Obama off, for I know he could be being forced to do what he does or be JFK'd (meaning assassinated), but I only have a 5% bet that he may be a good guy.

The other thing I did not agree with Richard seemingly was fear mongering on Gulf of Mexico I did my 1st blog on here. Saying a tsunami was going to happen and so I got my wife which was my girl friend back then to pack and talk to her family and get them informed about the danger. I reversed syncronisticaly with my wife and had her stay and now I am here with her putting my money where my mouth is or more like putting it all on the line, lol.

All in all I love Richard for this and David Wilcock whom he helped get a huge audience with Coast to Coast am. I love them both so much because they both resonate with me on so many issues.
Thanks Richard.

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