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Dinar RV was announced by M to Iraqi's Friday to happen soon possibly by June 7 his deadline


1st I must tell you some bad news but in light of this below GREAT NEWS It should explain why the RV did not happen by May 15th when the Arab Summit was postponed too as I thought. I found out from an April 20th article that that date was then to be for a meeting to discuss the Arab Summit ie when to have it next year 2012. I do not think I stuffed up in reading that they planned to have the summit meeting then and not the actual summit. Check my Iraqi dinar labelled blogs to see. I found this out around May 15th and did not want to be the bringer of bad news as it does not help us create what we imagine. I know a lot of people are hanging out for this and are very anxious and some of those may not know how their emotions contribute to this reality, so I held off telling you for the benefit of the whole earth. I think I had also watched some of the news again of the horrors (1-2 Million innocent Iraqi's killed) of what the Iraqi people (on Kymatica in my youtubes playlists and possibly favs) went through with the US invasion and I would love to see them helped up on to their feet and peace restored. My thoughts were with them and not the speculators trying to profit from the RV, though some may have good intentions like myself.


Dinar RV - What did M say and Why

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excellent analysis:

What did Maliki say and why did he say it.....
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It was reported by several individuals that the Prime Minister of Iraq - Maliki - announced the RV to his people on Friday morning....
what did Maliki really say and what did he really mean?
this is what was reported:

2:15 AM [Blaino] Maliki has spoken. He has stated that today (there) the IQD will be restored to a value higher than before the occupation, and be a frontrunner among all currencies in the world. No rate or value was given. He alluded to it (rate) coming out today, Friday in Iraq.

Maliki DID give a speech on Friday morning and he DID say that the Iraqi Dinar (IQD) would be restored to a value higher than before the occupation. Maliki DID state that the Iraqi Dinar would be a frontrunner among all currencies in the world. It was true that no rate or value was given.

Here is where the interpretation went downhill: when it was reported that "He alluded to it (rate) coming out today (Friday) he was actually being rhetorical in nature.
What he really said was: "It will happen before the sun goes down."
That statement was taken literally when again, it was rhetorical in nature. Maliki was just letting his people know that the change was coming and it was coming soon.

Why did Maliki give the speech? Several reasons:
1. there was a LARGE rally in Baghdad on Thursday by the followers of Sadr who is anti-American and anti-Maliki
2. the 100 days are ticking on Maliki and coming to an end on June 7, 2011 - Maliki gave his cabinet 100 days to get things in order - it has also been written that the Iraqi people want a vote of no confidence against Maliki if things aren't finished by the end of the 100 days
3. Maliki was aware of the G-8 Summit and what it was going to do - the G-8 Summit this week in France is setting aside $40Billion for Egypt, Tunisia and other African and Middle East countries http://www.usatoday....ab-spring_n.htm

So what Maliki did, was he took things into his own hands!

He announced the RV not by announcing it, but by making his rhetorical statements. By doing so, he has backed the IMF, the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, the Central Bank of Iraq, and the US Treasury Dept into the position of having to RV the Iraqi currency ASAP as the people of Iraq will side with Sadr and riot now that they know the plan and now that they know other Middle Eastern countries are getting Billions in aid while they have little food and water and electricity is only on four hours per day..

Maliki also knows that the US does not like Sadr who, although Iraqi, spends most of his time in Iran. The US views Sadr as a ticking time bomb and if Sadr continues to stir the people of Iraq it will do damage to all the US efforts to make Iraq a democracy....and most importantly, it will interfere with the US desire to control the oil of Iraq for the benefit of the US....

In fact, the US is sending more troops to Iraq to provide security.... http://articles.dail...-christiansburg

Iraq cannot continue to operate with it's currency at the current valuation of $0.0008 to the US dollar.

The US cannot afford to allow Sadr to overtake Maliki's government.

The US is greedy and will not allow Sadr and Iran to get the oil of Iraq that the US so desperately wants and needs.

1 in 6 Iraqi citizens live in poverty. http://currencynewsh...lated-revenues/

They need the oil revenues NOW! The only way the oil is going to be drilled, pumped and shipped is for the Dinar to be revalued so the workers can be paid....

This summary shows what Maliki really said and what must happen and is about to happen for the global economic restructuring plan to work....

Hang in there!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

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