Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bad guys to be put away before UFO/ET Disclosure says David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford

I just listened to David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford on youtubes I recently added to my youtubes favs here and the 2 embeded playlists below that I am sure you will find VERY INFORMATIVE in VERY POSITIVE ways. You will here how David Wilcock supports my reports in my youtube and here on BRIC that I first reported on in June 2009 with the creation of my BRIC playlist hyperlinked in the top of this blog under KEY INFO's 2nd last line. Where you will also find my 2 playlists on Ben. I have also cleaned up and updated my Benjamin Fulford youtube 2nd playlist also below. REMEMBER THE EMBEDS ONLY SHOW 50 of the possible 200 youtube videos.

BRIC Countries solve Dollar Collapse using National Currency

NWO Stand-off & US dollar Gold backed-Benjamin Fulford 2
with the latest May 25, 2011 interview along with others back to March.

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