Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Republic for the united States still moving forward

Sorry for not sharing info on this over the past few months like I did regularly, but there is only so much one person can do and I chose to focus on other things ie our business. I also shared way back what happened at a Republic for Florida meeting I attended. I felt it was a mess and just got told by a friend that I took to 2 meetings and was with at 4 that Florida just collapsed possibly because of a rat. I tried to call him and left a message and am eagerly awaiting his call back. So then a few days ago thought I wonder what is happening with the Republic so listened to Waking Up in America's last show
by clicking on this
Republic updates on Waking Up in America
under my LINKS on the lower right. Although they did not give any real details they did seem very positive that things are looking good.

I then got onto the Republic's site for more updates and am going through them now, especially the last weekly update on 12-07 then Tim Turner with RJ Hender on October 20, both linked through their site that is down now but just click on it in my KEY INFO or here

I know we need to do this and do not think Tim Turner is anybody to steer clear from. I have read so many hit peaces on him and see the holes in them all the time ie no facts at all and always opinion and no alternatives, only bad mouthing rants. We need to sort out our differences and persist. We need to learn from these possible infiltrators and go on. If we do not then we have let them win. Although sometimes the conflict does get to you and you need some time out. I have felt it is time for me too get back in. If we have to start a new with no old time dividers then that is fine with me.

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