Thursday, December 29, 2011

12-28 First state Recall NDAA Congresspersons campaign launched

Social Networks and Oathkeeper leads recall of NDAA Congressional supporters

The Salem, Oregon News sent a "Merry Christmas" message on Christmas Day in its report about Montanans, on one of the nine states with provision to recall federal congresspersons, having launched a campaign to recall their two Senators who voted for the National Defence Authorization Act 2012 that violates Sixth Amendment and human rights. Stewart Rhodes, attorney and Oathkeeper national president is a leader in the Montana recall campaign, while a national recall movement is now supported on Facebook.

"These politicians from both parties betrayed our trust, and violated the oath they took to defend the Constitution. It's not about the left or right, it's about our Bill of Rights," Mr. Rhodes said, as Ralph Lopez reported for on Christmas Day.

"Without the Bill of Rights, there is no America, It is the Crown Jewel of our Constitution, and the high-water mark of Western Civilization."

In the article, "Montanans Launch Recall of Senators Who Approved NDAA Military Detention. Merry Christmas, US Senate," Lopez wrote, Montanans have announced the launch of recall campaigns against Senators Max Baucus and Jonathan Tester, who voted for the bill.”

Montana is one of nine states providing the right to recall members of its federal congressional delegation, pursuant to Montana Code 2-16-603, on grounds of physical or mental lack of fitness, incompetence, violation of oath of office, official misconduct, or conviction of certain felony offenses.

Section 2 of Montana Code 2-16-603 reads: "(2) A public officer holding an elective office may be recalled by the qualified electors entitled to vote for the elective officer's successor."

Montana law requires grounds for recall to be stated which show conformity to the allowed grounds for recall. The draft language of the Montana petitions, "reason for recall" reads:

"The Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees all U.S citizens:

"a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed..."

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 (NDAA 2011) permanently abolishes the Sixth Amendment right to a jury trial, "for the duration of hostilities" in the War on Terror, which was defined by President George W. Bush as "task which does not end" to a joint session of Congress on September 20, 2001.

Those who voted on December 15th, 2011, Bill of Rights Day, for NDAA 2011 have attempted to grant powers that cannot be granted, which violate both the spirit and the letter of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

The Montana Recall Act stipulates that officials, including US senators, can only be recalled for physical or men lack of fitness, incompetence, violation of the oath of office, official misconduct, or conviction of a felony offense. We the undersigned call for a recall election to be held for Senator Max S. Baucus [and Senator Jonathan Tester] and charge that he has violated his oath of office, to protect and defend the United States Constitution."

The recall Congresspersons who supported NDAA FY212 movement has sprung up on Facebook under the title, "Recall Every Congressman Who Voted for the NDAA."

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