Friday, December 16, 2011

My Dream of David Wilcock & My Nasty Death

I just attempted to post this below on David Wilcock's blog of his latest article as ThankYouWhiteKnights after already doing one as Scott Molloy showing support.

David I think anonymous was trying to hint that he was off-world. I also had a dream of you telling me I had many off-world friends that truly love me and can not wait too reunite with us again. This dream was only 2 or so weeks ago not long after I dreamt I got killed (brutily decapitated in a rolled Pick-up slid over steel) for the 1st time, which means ascension or upward spiritual shift.

I also found out about the 3.5 Million tonnes of hidden Gold from I think the same Dragon family offered to our newly forming Republic for the united States back around May last year as I shared in my blog if you want too check it out or email me. That was reported by Tim Turner who is now the President of the Republic for the united States 1st seated last year since way back in 1860's just before the Civil War started.

Peace Bro

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