Wednesday, September 8, 2010

9-6 Lawful Alaska Militia of 3500 Schaeffer Cox on talkshoe
9-6 SHOW

Great call accept for the guy in the middle of the call who took up most of the time. He was a bit tedious and silly towards the end, not answering how you would deal with an attacker, as he did not seem to have the stomach to protect himself. I loved everything Schaeffer Cox had to say and support his stand. From 14 minutes Schaeffer Cox talks about Lawful Militia surrounding the legal police and getting them to stand down. See in bold below.

Personal Message from the Host:
Schaeffer Cox Speaks to the Nation About the Lawful Alaska Militia! Schaeffer Cox, from Fairbanks, Alaska, one of the participants in Continental Congress 2009, and commander of Alaska’s lawful militia, is speaking to the nation on Monday, August 6, 2010. While he is considered by many to be "young," the wisdom he shares has clearly proven to be directly from Americas’ forefathers. Recently, a man, whose home was surrounded by police, called upon the Alaska militia in Fairbanks, Alaska area for protection. He was afraid of being shot – possibly killed – by the police who surrounded his home. Schaeffer and some members of the militia showed up at the scene. Schaeffer had the man on the phone, and spoke with the police. A situation that could have ended badly, even deadly, was successfully averted, proving that the militia truly is a resource to be counted on, regardless of the main-stream-media negative reports about militias. Schaeffer will discuss how the Alaska militia grew from a few men around his kitchen table to 3500. This will be an open call, where questions will be answered by Schaeffer. Do not miss this opportunity to speak with a true American who is not only passionate about his county and our freedom, but who is sincerely committed to ensuring we all enjoy the blessings that Liberty and Justice for all has to offer. Please forward this invitation to anyone who may be interested. Thanks! Sincerely, April

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