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10-15 Big media outlets ignore subpoena of entire top tier of Obama Administration

Big media outlets ignore subpoena of entire top tier of Obama Administration

Perhaps the biggest story in the political world since the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach Bill Clinton in the 1990s, although the Senate refused to remove him from office, is the fact that this week a subpoena from the House was issued to the entire top tier of the Obama Administration. Yet as of today the big media outlets--ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post--have ignored the story entirely. And if they did mention it in passing, it was buried on a back page or relegated to an inconspicuous web page while never seeing the light of day on the air. Only Fox gave the story top billing.

Regarding the news blackout of the subpoena, one astute observer had this to say:

As evidence, ladies and gentlemen of the jury of history, I present the undisputed fact that on the evening news shows of NBC, ABC and CBS this week not one -- NOT ONE -- mentioned the unprecedented subpoena by a Congressional committee of information regarding the entire top echelon of the Justice Department in the Gunwalker Scandal.

Had this scandal involved John Ashcroft and the Bush Administration, does anyone doubt that the story would have led the nightly half-hour "puppet theater"? Or, that it wouldn't have been covered like a blanket by all news departments from the moment the blood of Brian Terry dried in the desert sands of Rio Rico?

Big media complicity in the news blackout is a heavy indictment against modern journalism in America today.

In a stunningly insightful piece at Sipsy Street Irregulars today, citizen investigative journalist Mike Vanderboegh writes that when history records the dreadful events leading to the Project Gunwalker scandal, and its subsequent cover-up, the mainstream media will not be treated kindly. In fact, they will be the subject of ridicule and scorn for their complicity in the scandal, giving aid to the Administration's attempt to hide its illegal activity and cover-ups by either refusing to report it or by slanting its reporting to imply that the key players at the top did no wrong.

The only exception to this stinging indictment against the mainstream media has been reporter Sharyl Attkisson at CBS News. Attkisson's has been a lone voice, an oasis of investigative integrity in a desert of journalistic malpractice within the hallowed halls of what was once the epitome of tenacious gum-shoe reporting, the foundation of which was laid by Edward R. Murrow, Marvin and Bernard Kalb, Douglas Edwards, and Walter Cronkite.

However, the vacuum of serious investigative journalism created by the mainstream media's abdication of its responsibility has been filled by the 'alternative media,' such as bloggers, free-lance writers, and columnists for lesser-known media outlets.

In the case of the Gunwalker scandal, had it not been for National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea, and investigative reporter Mike Vanderboegh, this story would have never been brought to the forefront of public attention. These astute and tenacious journalists set onto the trail that led to their breaking the Gunwalker story all the way back in December of 2010. Shortly thereafter this writer began to hammer away at the Administration, seeking answers concerning the scandal. At about the same time, writers such as Kurt Hofmann and Dave Workman, both of whom write at The Examiner, did the same thing.

Thus, unlike the Watergate scandal during which the Washington Post and investigative reporters Woodward and Bernstein made sure that the Nixon fiasco stayed at the top of the news heap for months until Nixon was driven from office, this story--which is infinitely worse and much more widespread than Watergate--has been the work of alternative media journalists. And the mainstream media have been dragged kicking and screaming into it due to their dogged determination to bury any story that places Obama or any member of his Administration in a negative light.

The pressure, however, has been building to the point to where it is nearly impossible for the media moguls to continue to bury the Gunwalker story. Even now, with the historic events that have occurred this week, there is much more to come that will stun even the most seasoned political observers.

Waiting in the wings, in the shadows, are numerous figures who know the score and who are ready to tell all they know.

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