Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bill Brockbrader and Eva Moore 2hr interview last Friday night needs repair

Bill Brockbrader and Eva Moore 2hr interview Friday night mp4 file corrupted unfortunately, so I am offering $50 for its repair, so if you know anyone who can help email ,so I can youtube this fantastic interview for all to see.

If you have any suggestions please let me know by subject line "BILL BOROCKBRADER INTERVIEW FILE REPAIR SUGGESTION", but please do not expect a quick response or possibly any at all. We have spent 6 hours with online file repair programs, the skype video recorder software supplier and all to no avail.

Next I do want to offer this job to odesk and elance, where geeks work lol.

The program I used worked fine for the 1st and small time ie 15 mins with Bill and Eva (which I need to edit before sharing on my youtube), but as soon as the next segment call ended at 2.25 hours a crash report showed in which I have a screen shot of.

It really broke my heart to see this happen for it was such a great interview.

MP4 corrupted video file repair

TASK-to repair corrupted mp4 video file.SKILLS REQUIRED-mp4 corrupted file repair ability. TIME REQUIRED-1 Week from start. CONTRACTOR needs to have skype so we can send the 583mb file. DETAILS of what happened and what was attempted-I did do a shorter 15 minute skype video recording and that video did work just before this 1 that crashed. Please find screen shot attached "Evaer Video Recorder for Skype CRASH REPORT" of the crash just after I hung up on skype and the recorder should have stopped. Screen shot "File repair programs used from highlighted to top" shows highlighted and above that what new programs we installed with most to try and repair the corrupted mp4 video file. None worked. We also tried to upload it to google video and Video Pad Video Editor and with no success. We did try playing the file on VLC media player, Quicktime Player, GOM player, Windows Media Player, DivX Plus Player, Media Player Classic.


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