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3-28 David Wilcock On the NWO last leg attempts to stop the new financial system & ET & UFO disclosure

David Wilcock: “Watch for April 8th”

by Reena on March 28, 2011 · 4 comments

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Lots of information in this post by David Wilcock (‘self-confessed’ Edgar Cayce reincarnated). Be warned – it is very long! A worse earthquake planned which is to be thwarted, a US Government shut-down, a new financial system…April 8th, David says is going to be “very, very interesting.” The day the government shuts down and new system, which will “create a massive wave of prosperity and directly pave the way for the release of clean, ‘free’ energy technology.”


On Monday, March 21st, the Supreme Court gave the Federal Reserve two weeks to reveal where all the money has gone since November 2008. Was the Japan disaster an attack — to threaten the world into submission and hopefully stop the audit?



The negative elite are on their last legs — and at this point, there are remarkable news events that prove everything I’ve been saying is correct.

This means it is very likely that we are about to see the perpetrators go into hiding — and whenever this happens, it will be quite a massive change in society and government as we know it.

They believe it will create anarchy and chaos. I personally do not. Nonetheless it is good to have some stored food and water on hand so you can be prepared for the worst, just in case.

The insiders say to be ready for six months. I highly doubt there will be disruptions of anywhere near that length. However, if you end up in an area where there are short-term problems, obviously it’s good to have some basic supplies at home.


I don’t like dropping dates, but April 8th is going to be a very, very interesting day. This has gotten a bit long, so I will save the bulk of this argument for an update that will emerge by or before this date.

Three different massive events all coalesce on this one focal-point — just a week before taxes are due in the US:

cb earth4 David Wilcock: Watch for April 8th

SUPREME COURT RULES AGAINST THE FED: The Supreme Court has given the Federal Reserve a two-week deadline to reveal where the money went — as of Monday, March 21st. This decision is one of the most significant events in American history. That brings us to April 4th — four days before the 8th.

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: The Democrats and Republicans in Congress cannot agree on a budget. The US government will therefore shut down as of April 8th — and there is no indication anyone will stop it. That means no paychecks, no services, et cetera — for an indeterminate time.

NEW BRETTON WOODS: On this very same day, the first meeting to completely overhaul the world’s financial system will take place. Other countries will now have much more of a say. This is the literal fulfillment of everything Fulford and I have been saying for so long.

This will create a massive wave of prosperity and directly pave the way for the release of clean, ‘free’ energy technology.


The final ‘endgame’ plan of the insiders, as I understand it, is to hit the US with a massive earthquake along the New Madrid fault line during the same approximate time that the government goes into shutdown.

Then, they hope, all the welfare recipients and government employees stop getting their money due to the shutdown. Society quickly disintegrates as all the services stop happening. Meanwhile, the perpetrators flee, or have already fled the country.

I’m frankly amazed the conspiracy media hasn’t put all this together yet, but they will soon enough. We’ll get to that in Part Two. Suffice it to say I do not believe these events will unfold as they are planning.

If you are thinking why has the new financial system ie Dinars RV'd already then you might want to consider this is at its basics a 2 player game ie BIRCS vs the NWO although I do not like the term vs as this implies a competition and resistance, which in my understanding "what you resist persists" because by the law of attraction you are focusing on what you do not want and giving it your energy, rather then imagining the feeling of having what you do want. Remember FEELING IS THE PRAYER says Gregg Braden. That is why I do not put up anymore news that might lead to focusing on what the NWO are doing.

I also had the feeling not long after the US CORPORATION almost shutdown the Govt that IF Obama is a good guy, and that is a BIG IF, then it might have been best to not shut down the Govt for the chaos it could lead too as David shares above. I have also been thinking IF Obama is a good guy (remember I said I highly doubt it and have said I would only guess a 5% chance he is in my mind) then of course putting him in a high or somewhat high place such as president would allow him great Intel to help the good guys. Just a dream, lol. I just watched SALT so please forgive me, lol. But that could be what is needed to do what needs to be done.

4-14 BRICS summit pushes for IMF reform

Published: 14 April, 2011, 09:42

RIA Novosti / Dmitriy Astakhov

RIA Novosti / Dmitriy Astakhov

TAGS: Medvedev, Asia, Russia, Politics, China, Economy, Finance

BRICS leaders have agreed to prepare a package of proposals concerning the reform of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, President Dmitry Medvedev announced during a summit of the “big five” in China’s Sanya.

­We talked about the necessity of further reform of the international financial system,” Medvedev said addressing the participants of the summit which has brought together Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

“On this issue, as well as the volatility of global prices of agricultural products, we have taken a decision which reflects the consolidated position of the BRICS countries,” the president explained.

He added that the set of concrete proposals will be discussed at the G20 summit in Cannes in November this year.

Another major issue was economic partnership. The leaders came up with a plan for the development of economic ties and for strengthening cooperation between the civil society institutions of the countries. Medvedev believes the document has good prospects, noting that Russia played an active role in drafting the plan and intends to play a no less active part in its implementation. He specifically pointed out new ways of cooperation within the G20 for which the plan provides.

The consequences of the devastating earthquake in Japan and the turmoil in North Africa were high on the agenda. The BRICS leaders were unanimous in their stance on civil conflicts in African countries.

“Our common opinion is that the problem should be settled by political and diplomatic tools and not by force,”
the Russian president outlined.

As for natural disasters and nuclear crises similar to what Japan has experienced, Russia has come up with an initiative to work out a mechanism of mutual aid in case of emergencies.

“For more than a month, the eyes of the whole world have been on the tragic events in Japan. Russia and the other participants of the forum once again express their empathy to the Japanese people and government,” Medvedev said.

In his address, he also hailed the progress of the BRICS partnership over the last year. He underlined that all its members are also members of the United Nations Security Council, which, in his opinion, will only contribute to its further development and help increase its weight on the global arena.

“For the last year, our forum has achieved significant progress in developing political dialogue. There is a lot more mutual trust and the level of cooperation in international affairs, including within the Security Council, has risen,” Medvedev said.


5-30 Time for BRICS to head IMF?

Published: 30 May, 2011, 09:22
Edited: 30 May, 2011, 18:37

Office of International Monetary Fund in Washington (AFP/ Tim Sloan)

(14.1Mb) embed video

TAGS: Africa, EU, Russia, South America, Politics, Russia and the global economy, India, China, USA, Cary Johnston, Irina Galushko

The race to be boss of the International Monetary Fund is not so much about who, but rather where the candidate comes from. And while Europe traditionally decides who gets the post, this time around, the BRICS countries have other ideas.

­With the former IMF director Dominique Strauss-Kahn out of the financial picture, the organization is looking for a suitable replacement.

The EU already has a candidate lined up, but the four emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa say it is high time someone else had a go.

The current financial situation in Europe may suggest a new approach is needed to solve the many problems they are grappling with. By the looks of it, the IMF will go in the other direction.

The weight of tradition and also the fact that there has been a long-standing deal between the US and Europe, the US will have the World Bank and Europe has the fund,” said Indira Rajaraman from Indian Statistical Institute.

I'm sure the Europeans would convince all leading thinkers on the matter that at this juncture you still need someone familiar with the problems of the Eurozone.”

The runner-up is the French Finance minister Christine Lagarde.

And while Europeans hail her as one of the strongest economists in the Eurozone, some remain skeptical about her prowess.

If Christine Lagarde becomes the next head of the IMF, I think in the short run one should expect more of the same as long as they can sustain that,” said Robert Naiman, policy director of the Just Foreign Policy organization.

It is not obvious: Greece maybe at the edge of default and perhaps, even leaving the euro. So they may not be able to maintain these policies but the trend is for them to continue to try.

Greece’s debt is eyewateringly high. Portugal and Spain are quickly catching up, and could soon find themselves in a similar situation.

And while the BRIC countries ask why should there be a European at the IMF helm and what happened to the promise of fresh new faces, some IMF members seem to have surprisingly short memories.

I think that if Christine Lagarde does get the job, I think it will be a betrayal of the IMF promise,” claimed political analyst Jyoti Malhotra.

If you remember, Dominique Strauss-Kahn only a few months ago had said that there should be a change in the global order. Especially since India and China over the last 3-4 years have been the world's largest economies. And it's India and China that had really pulled the world out of the economic slump that it has been in the last two years.”

One of the world’s most powerful organizations, the International Monetary Fund, has the power not only to rescue countries, but to plunge them into despair.

Take Russia, for example. Some say the organization played a crucial role in bringing about the default of 1998, which left thousands of people penniless and desperate.

I remember when the Soviet Union broke up, the IMF and the rest of the G7 prescribed economic advice to the new Russia,” said Joyti Malhotra. “And it was completely disastrous. This complete sort of unleashing of the Russian economy at the time. [It] completely destroyed Russia in several ways. And I think that's what the IMF has done to several other economies: bailing out Greece and as you know, bailouts for Portugal, Italy and Spain are also on the cards.

Sex scandals, broken pledges, deepening debt. As Europe attempts to untangle itself from its fiscal chaos, it seems clear that a new approach is vital to stay afloat. But the International Monetary Fund seems to focus more on keeping rising economies out than on solving the many problems it now faces.


5-27 IMF'S Strauss-Kahn arrest makes way for a better World Banking system without more Trillion dollar Bailouts

Strauss-Kahn falls in Olympian brawl over bailout—go with Glass-Steagall!

A vicious brawl has erupted in the boardrooms of central banks and government treasuries over whether to respond to the new wave of global meltdown with another round of hyperinflationary bailout—or not—which is why Dominique Strauss-Kahn has lost his job as the IMF’s “Third World-rapist-in-chief”.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s antics in his hotel suite are not why he was arrested and thrown in the clink: he led the faction of financiers pushing for a last hurrah bailout before the whole system implodes, and thus has now been removed from the picture by those opposed to that suicidal lunacy.

U.S. physical economist Lyndon LaRouche, the world’s leading economic forecaster and originator of the call for a global Glass-Steagall banking reorganisation to replace the bailouts, declared on 21st May that Strauss-Kahn’s downfall changes the course of history:

“We’re now having a general collapse, of the entire international financial-monetary system. It is an absolutely assured collapse … if certain changes are not made now, and they seem to become likely because of what happened to Strauss-Kahn in New York City, which has changed the course of history in a very significant degree. Because he was supposed to be setting into motion the effort to save [U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben] Bernanke, [U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy] Geithner, and Obama, from delivery to Hell, by pushing through another round of bailout in the international system. Now, what happened to him in New York, was simply an attempt to ensure that there would not be another bailout of this global financial system …”

LaRouche continued, “The entire system is now going to crash in one of two ways: Either by some unlikely prospect, the backers of Obama, Geithner, and Bernanke will survive this—in which case all Hell busts loose, or they won’t survive it, in which the situation becomes much more interesting. And what happened to Strauss-Kahn, is an absolutely crucial part of this turning point which has been reached in the past two weeks … Now, there are two kinds of collapses: There’s either the collapse of the international speculative system, or there’s the collapse of the world economy, and a general genocidal collapse of civilisation globally. Those are your two options, and we’re at the point where that decision, and only that decision, has any significance.”

[Click here to watch an 11-minute LPACTV video, Strauss-Kahn and the End of Bailouts.]

Glass-Steagall NOW!

Only a return to the 1933-99 Glass-Steagall Act, which protected savings banks from the gambling pirates in the investment banks of Wall Street and the City of London, will save the financial system from a 1923 Weimar Germany hyperinflationary implosion.

Glass-Steagall is back before the U.S. Congress in the form of House Resolution 1489, but Obama, who openly serves the City of London elite to whom he has spent the week genuflecting, is desperately trying to block it.

[Click here to watch a 26th May briefing by Lyndon LaRouche on the fight for Glass-Steagall.]

If patriots in the United States can win the fight for Glass-Steagall, it opens the way to rescue Australia’s economy—which is facing a property bubble collapse and Ireland-style banking meltdown—through the enactment of the CEC’s Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill 2008, and Commonwealth National Credit Bank Bill (explained in the CEC’s book, What Australia Must Do to Survive the Depression).


Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

Media Release 27th of May 2011

Craig Isherwood‚ National Secretary
PO Box 376‚ COBURG‚ VIC 3058
Phone: 03 9354 0544 Fax: 03 9354 0166

Seems to confirm Benjamin Fulfords blog here on 5/16.

5-29 Poofness What me worry?

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: What me Worry?
Date: Sun, 29 May 2011 17:29:39 -0400

Change is Gonna Come
Sam Cooke

I was born by the river in a little tent
Oh and just like the river I been a runnin' ever since
It's been a long, a long time coming but I know
A change gon' come oh yes it will
It's been too hard living but I'm afraid to die
Cuz I don't know what's up there beyond the sky
It's been a long, a long time coming but I know
A change gon' come oh yes it will

I go to the movie, and I go downtown
Somebody keep tellin me "don't hang around"
It's been a long, a long time coming, but i know
A change gon' come oh yes it will

Then I go to my brother
And I say "brother, help me please"
But he winds up knocking me
Back down on my knees
There been times that I thought I wouldn't last for long
Now think I'm able to carry on
It's been a long, along time coming but I know
A change gon' come, oh yes it will

Greetings and Salutations;

Hello folks, have a wonderful memorial day. I come with wonderful news while things have been so silent out here on the real side. I report history, things done and can't be undone. In the past 2 weeks they have funded all important levels at this time...this is the 'grey computer screens' in the various countries meaning the funds are in place and flashing, those screens will turn green once delivery to the bottom level has been completed. For the us folks, it is important to note the us treasury is one of those funded. The 'wanta money' has been moved into position, another reason the republicans are going to find mr Obama hard to beat in 2012. He met with the man in 09 and set everything in place. Bush and Clinton should've treated the man right, instead of jailing him or steal it. This money was intended for the us treasury from the moment it was loaned by a dragon lady to reagan all those years ago. Thinking people don't really care about politicians 'posturing', they care about eating and making in 'what have you done for me lately'? Can I feed these babies? Why don't the common people have the same medical care washington has, why should this be a political issue? We're talking basic human dignity here. As everyone is about to find out there's 'plenty' for everyone. It's just been held back by the greedy and the 'me first' bunch surviving off the labor of the little people, much like lords and serfs. Which is so middle ages.

Nothing I'm saying has anything to do with bad guys not still trying to stick their fingers where they don't belong, but the 'cost' is severe so they do so at their own peril, and with that man watching everything there is no escape , so some folks are falling on their swords, following stupid requests made by the cabal. If I were them I'd tell them to do it themselves, and reap their own consequences. It's like somebody who loves to put out here, 'poof said this or poof said that, that I clearly didn't say, you're not going to get me in trouble, I will never breach security, and they can track where stuff comes from so have fun ok. I wasn't even on the net or talked to anyone on sat. That's what you get for thinking, 'Study long, study wrong'. This next paradigm is going to move folks from, thinking to knowing. The mind is over glorified, time to move to from the lower part of consciousness and get to the part that 'knows'.

So to put this away, I don't know if they have started dropping on people yet, but you will know for sure soon enough and you shouldn't be blabbing out here anyhow. Listen to the person at the bank who'll be accessing thru, no instructions coming across the web. This is no joke and no time to be acting like a cocky american, humility rules. That non disclosure will kick your butt if you ignore it...and after all this time why chance it??? This is the place where the buddy system ends, you will have to stand on your own two feet. We 'itus' is a disease and for people that have a mouse in their pocket. Have a wonderful future and enjoy yourselves. RV's have to do with the entry to the new global banking system what else would there be a revalue to, but I said that already but 'poofy' don't know nuthin' right? History will be bear me out, so I care not about opinions, they are kind of like fly crap they're are everywhere.

Love and Kisses, you all,


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hoaglands BEST TALK EVER 2011-3 covering ALL topics of importance

I thank Richard so much for providing this timely and GREAT MESSAGE. Richards videos I 1st watched in 1998 (with my DAD as well then too) were in my playlist at the bottom were instrumental in my journey. Hoagland's Mars NASA Cedonia briefings videos I just added to the end of the bottom playlist with 2 or 3 more new video presentations I have just found.

Hoaglands BEST TALK EVER 2011-3

Mars Pyramids & Face reveal AntiGravity ZPE Physics Hoagland

I know Richard went a bit wayward with Obama thinking he was all good way back. Not that I have written Obama off, for I know he could be being forced to do what he does or be JFK'd (meaning assassinated), but I only have a 5% bet that he may be a good guy.

The other thing I did not agree with Richard seemingly was fear mongering on Gulf of Mexico I did my 1st blog on here. Saying a tsunami was going to happen and so I got my wife which was my girl friend back then to pack and talk to her family and get them informed about the danger. I reversed syncronisticaly with my wife and had her stay and now I am here with her putting my money where my mouth is or more like putting it all on the line, lol.

All in all I love Richard for this and David Wilcock whom he helped get a huge audience with Coast to Coast am. I love them both so much because they both resonate with me on so many issues.
Thanks Richard.

Bad guys to be put away before UFO/ET Disclosure says David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford

I just listened to David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford on youtubes I recently added to my youtubes favs here and the 2 embeded playlists below that I am sure you will find VERY INFORMATIVE in VERY POSITIVE ways. You will here how David Wilcock supports my reports in my youtube and here on BRIC that I first reported on in June 2009 with the creation of my BRIC playlist hyperlinked in the top of this blog under KEY INFO's 2nd last line. Where you will also find my 2 playlists on Ben. I have also cleaned up and updated my Benjamin Fulford youtube 2nd playlist also below. REMEMBER THE EMBEDS ONLY SHOW 50 of the possible 200 youtube videos.

BRIC Countries solve Dollar Collapse using National Currency

NWO Stand-off & US dollar Gold backed-Benjamin Fulford 2
with the latest May 25, 2011 interview along with others back to March.

Dinar RV was announced by M to Iraqi's Friday to happen soon possibly by June 7 his deadline


1st I must tell you some bad news but in light of this below GREAT NEWS It should explain why the RV did not happen by May 15th when the Arab Summit was postponed too as I thought. I found out from an April 20th article that that date was then to be for a meeting to discuss the Arab Summit ie when to have it next year 2012. I do not think I stuffed up in reading that they planned to have the summit meeting then and not the actual summit. Check my Iraqi dinar labelled blogs to see. I found this out around May 15th and did not want to be the bringer of bad news as it does not help us create what we imagine. I know a lot of people are hanging out for this and are very anxious and some of those may not know how their emotions contribute to this reality, so I held off telling you for the benefit of the whole earth. I think I had also watched some of the news again of the horrors (1-2 Million innocent Iraqi's killed) of what the Iraqi people (on Kymatica in my youtubes playlists and possibly favs) went through with the US invasion and I would love to see them helped up on to their feet and peace restored. My thoughts were with them and not the speculators trying to profit from the RV, though some may have good intentions like myself.


Dinar RV - What did M say and Why

Posted in the Dinar Intel Skype Room

excellent analysis:

What did Maliki say and why did he say it.....
« on: Today at 06:54:15 PM »

It was reported by several individuals that the Prime Minister of Iraq - Maliki - announced the RV to his people on Friday morning....
what did Maliki really say and what did he really mean?
this is what was reported:

2:15 AM [Blaino] Maliki has spoken. He has stated that today (there) the IQD will be restored to a value higher than before the occupation, and be a frontrunner among all currencies in the world. No rate or value was given. He alluded to it (rate) coming out today, Friday in Iraq.

Maliki DID give a speech on Friday morning and he DID say that the Iraqi Dinar (IQD) would be restored to a value higher than before the occupation. Maliki DID state that the Iraqi Dinar would be a frontrunner among all currencies in the world. It was true that no rate or value was given.

Here is where the interpretation went downhill: when it was reported that "He alluded to it (rate) coming out today (Friday) he was actually being rhetorical in nature.
What he really said was: "It will happen before the sun goes down."
That statement was taken literally when again, it was rhetorical in nature. Maliki was just letting his people know that the change was coming and it was coming soon.

Why did Maliki give the speech? Several reasons:
1. there was a LARGE rally in Baghdad on Thursday by the followers of Sadr who is anti-American and anti-Maliki
2. the 100 days are ticking on Maliki and coming to an end on June 7, 2011 - Maliki gave his cabinet 100 days to get things in order - it has also been written that the Iraqi people want a vote of no confidence against Maliki if things aren't finished by the end of the 100 days
3. Maliki was aware of the G-8 Summit and what it was going to do - the G-8 Summit this week in France is setting aside $40Billion for Egypt, Tunisia and other African and Middle East countries http://www.usatoday....ab-spring_n.htm

So what Maliki did, was he took things into his own hands!

He announced the RV not by announcing it, but by making his rhetorical statements. By doing so, he has backed the IMF, the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, the Central Bank of Iraq, and the US Treasury Dept into the position of having to RV the Iraqi currency ASAP as the people of Iraq will side with Sadr and riot now that they know the plan and now that they know other Middle Eastern countries are getting Billions in aid while they have little food and water and electricity is only on four hours per day..

Maliki also knows that the US does not like Sadr who, although Iraqi, spends most of his time in Iran. The US views Sadr as a ticking time bomb and if Sadr continues to stir the people of Iraq it will do damage to all the US efforts to make Iraq a democracy....and most importantly, it will interfere with the US desire to control the oil of Iraq for the benefit of the US....

In fact, the US is sending more troops to Iraq to provide security.... http://articles.dail...-christiansburg

Iraq cannot continue to operate with it's currency at the current valuation of $0.0008 to the US dollar.

The US cannot afford to allow Sadr to overtake Maliki's government.

The US is greedy and will not allow Sadr and Iran to get the oil of Iraq that the US so desperately wants and needs.

1 in 6 Iraqi citizens live in poverty. http://currencynewsh...lated-revenues/

They need the oil revenues NOW! The only way the oil is going to be drilled, pumped and shipped is for the Dinar to be revalued so the workers can be paid....

This summary shows what Maliki really said and what must happen and is about to happen for the global economic restructuring plan to work....

Hang in there!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

John ... Eagle Has Landed ... johnnydinaro ... jpmorgan

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scientists confirm Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA -FULL ARTICLE SPECTACULAR

Research findings continues work of DNA Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Francis Crick

by Peter Jiang and Jenny Li

Artist representation of Semjase

Artist representation of Semjase who Exo-scientists indicate is a Pleiadian woman. Reference:

Collaborative research from a gathering of exo-scientists postulate that there are genes from over 20 extraterrestrials civilizations in Human DNA. These exo-scientists have continued the work of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Frances Crick, and other scholars in this area. Current findings are consistent with reports of Professor Sam Chang, who discreetly released information on his own apparent findings, in association with the Human Genome Project. Scientists are beginning to complain more and more about political attempts to compromise the integrity of their important work for humanity. The discreet releasing of findings, is one apparent way in which scientists try to cope with scientific peer pressures to conform to prevailing political pressures.

Details of findings have been published in part, by Dr. Michael Salla, who is a learned scholar on extraterrestrial research. Exo-scientists and other researchers base their findings, in part, on carefully collecting data, which includes well corroborated documented observations by contactees and "whistleblowers", as well as other documentation. These verified reliable sources have come into contact with representatives of non-Earth Human civilizations living in human populations at-large, and also in official capacities.

J. Watson and F. Crick (right)

Francis Crick and partner, James Watson, startled the academic world in 1953 when they deciphered the structure of the DNA molecule.

"Exo-science" is the study of extraterrestrial phenomenon. "Exo-science" is further associated with "exopolitics" which embraces the need for humanity to have open contacts with Extraterrestrials on a representative democratic basis, that respects Earth's sovereignty.

In today's "global economy" an "official science" which denies the analytical study of spiritual phenomena, as a legitimate context for understanding human reality, has been created over time. The "science" which is legitimated by institutions that are closely linked to this "global economy", tends to seek to analyse only certain aspects of 'materiality'. Priorised subjects by this "official science" are limited to areas which complement the agenda of constituencies of individuals who seek to manipulate the "recognized" body of human knowledge for power and control. That scientific priorisation context, has notably sought to exclude extraterrestrial relationships to humanity, in order to keep humanity ignorant of its apparent potential "locked" heritage within its own DNA.

Dr. Francis Crick

Dr. Francis Crick concluded Extraterrestrial orgins in the Human Genome, in relation to his well renown DNA research.

Indeed, efforts to seek a scientific context for the appreciation of spiritual phenomena, has also been frowned upon by the elites of institutionalized religions, which like "official science", seek to control humanity within systems of accepted doctrine and dogma.

Collaborative exo-scientific research efforts inspired by Dr. Michael Salla, suggest that within the estimated over 20 types of extraterrestrial genes within human DNA, lies psycho-kinetic abilities associated with the genetic memories of ancient extraterrestrial races. These apparent psycho-kinetic abilities are associated with the focusing of the creative collective consciousness of be-ing in the universe.

These psycho-kinetic abilities, for example, could be viewed to manifest from time to time, when human beings in the process of trying to save another life, for example, have been recorded as executing, "great physical and other acts" which seem to go beyond the realm of understanding by "official science". The recorded healing abilities which individuals, for example, in aboriginal communities across the world have demonstrated in relation to their spirituality, which had also been recorded of Jesus, could be viewed to be associated with accessing this DNA "memory". "Official science" which seeks to complement the interests of various companies who seek to commercially profit from drugs and other therapies, has apparently sought to deny the awesome potentials of humanity for an elevated quality-of-living, by accessing an apparent E.T. DNA memory.

Does Earth represent a genetic frontier, to some Extraterrestrials?

There have been eyewitness accounts globally, including the broadcasted video footage of professional broadcasters, by millions of people of apparent extraterrestrial spacecraft. Exo-scientists indicate that this is because "these Extraterrestrials have sought to observe, or intervene on Earth, as a result of human beings having the genetic footprints of their ancient forbearers." It is important to note that exo-scientists do not claim that all extraterrestrials observed by humanity, do so because of a genetic association with humanity, although "genetics" is a reported prime motivation.

Earth, therefore, appears to represent a "strategic genetic frontier", between scientifically ascertained extraterrestrials who "seeded", Earth, and other extraterrestrials with varying genetic agendas.

Further visible indications of apparent Extraterrestrial contact in Human DNA

The existence of diverse ethno-racial communities of humanity on Earth, perhaps, provides a further visible appearance of extraterrestrial (E.T.) 'genetic communities'. African tribes, including the Dogon, notably, cite evidence of having origins from races of "supernatural creatures that came down from the sky."

Evidence and testimony on the original "seeding" of Earth by spiritually-inspired, ethical Extraterrestrials

Native-Canadian, African, and other tribes

Exo-scientists indicate that 'ethical' Extraterrestrials inspired the communalistic and environmental protection oriented philosophies of Native-Canadian, African, and other tribes.

The knowledge of astrological facts within diverse tribal communities is associated with claims of extraterrestrial contact long before modern astronomy, further corroborates exo-scientific claims of evidence of extraterrestrial contact in Human DNA.

Aboriginal tribes in the Americas, Africa, and elsewhere embraced the "animistic" spirituality of the original reported spiritually and technologically advanced human and other extraterrestrials who "seeded" Earth. These tribes were apparently inspired by original constituents of human and other extraterrestrials to be custodians of "Mother Earth", and to live in harmony and balance with nature.

.Then came reported genetic and cultural manipulation by competing extraterrestrial interests

Exo-scientists suggest that subsequent interventions on Earth by other extraterrestrials, largely sought to manipulate Earth humans genetically, technologically, and also by dysfunctionally inspiring religious dogma, and accompanying rituals. Apparently, these extraterrestrials performed 'great feats' in order to be worshipped as 'gods'. The reported next step was to provide technology to these Earth humans so that these humans could create impressive looking "rich" structures of religious worship, laid with gold and other mined mineral resources, of religious worship to these extraterrestrial 'gods'. This corrupting of human spirituality, would further dysfunctionally inspire crass materialism. This apparent influence is shown in structures which include the Great Pyramids, Temples, and into other religious structures which include Churches. Dr. Salla's and other exo-scientific work, further attests to this milieu.

Hopi Indians

"...Hopi Indians [in the western U.S.] speak of how the 'Star Beings' could travel about the skies in beams of light like the sun, but in the blackness of night. Stories like these are identical to what I've personally heard an African medicine men (shaman) claim. Same exact scenario, that before the missionaries came onto the scene, it was also common place among all tribes and shaman that our orgins were from "out there"..." . Reference:

These religious structures became centres in the creation of competing rituals and dogma between different "E.T. cult" groups. As these religious structures became of increasing importance as centres of communities, bigotries in turn, were cultivated by the elite emissaries of the manipulative "Extraterrestrial gods" and were used to successfully pit one group of humanity against the other.

According to collaborative exo-scientific research, led by Dr. Salla, alleged manipulative E.T. groups provided Earth Humans with advanced technology, to further instil an agenda of control against willing Earth elites, who were indoctrinated by these "gods". The creation of technology would also be used to inspire the creation of weapons of war, in which wars would be waged in the name of defending "religious" systems, in turn guided by Extraterrestrial "gods" who sought to "divide and rule". The manipulative Extraterrestrials sought to create false gods in their own image.

"The purpose of these "false gods" was to repress the development of a collective consciousness among Earth Humans, based upon the founding universal conventions." Also according to the collaborative research of exo-scientists, "the purpose of the creation of systems of religious dogma was designed to instil petty hatreds and antagonisms that would repress "the conventions of peace, love, and wisdom, (which was attributed to the creation of our universe), and which would have otherwise protected Earth Humans from being exploited, as a genetic and overall planetary resource."

Some of these Extraterrestrials, which apparently included Human Extraterrestrials who rebelled against the communal spirituality and "free will" ethic of original Human Extraterrestrials who had "seeded" Earth, reportedly simply sought to exploit the Earth for its mineral resources. According to the exo-scientific research findings of Dr. Salla, "Other rebelling materialistic-oriented working groups of Human and other E.T., viewed Earth Humans to be useful specimens to be incorporated in genetic experimentation programs."

Apparently, socially conscientious Extraterrestrials, according to the collaborative research findings of Dr. Salla and exo-scientists "fearing the implications to manipulative Extraterrestrials genetically influencing Earth humans into becoming barbarians like Genghis Khan or Adolf Hilter, sought to "seed" "star children"." These "star children" were "seeded" into humanity without the apparent knowledge of the Earth humans they came into contact with, to help, in the apparent view of Extraterrestrials to "elevate and inspire the socially creative potentials of humanity."

Native-Canadian art

Native-Canadian Art.

Notwithstanding this, 'ethical Extraterrestrials' according to representation by contactees, abide by strict "Galactic community" directives of non-interference on Earth, including the non-execution of "genetic experiments". However, Exo-scientists indicate that the "crop circles" phenomena is a notable example of mostly "ethical Andromedans" seeking to inspire humanity in the form of crop circle messages.

Modern Earth Human DNA therefore reportedly has the genetic memories which are associated with origins of Humanity in the universe as part of a diaspora of "over 130 billion human beings", and a subsequent millennia of uncoerced biological contact, and also the coerced biological experimentation with a mix of Extraterrestrials. These are some of the understandings at which one arrives, as a result of the pioneering work of some diligent researchers. These researches notably includes Francis Crick.

The work of Nobel Laureate Dr. Francis Crick, and other on ET contact in Human DNA

DNA Double Helix

DNA Double Helix illustrated in one of Dr. Francis Crick's book.

Exo-scientists are critically inspired by the work of Dr. Francis Crick. In his book Life Itself: Its Origins and Nature (1981), Crick -- a Nobel prize-winner and the co-founder of the shape of the DNA molecule -- claimed an advanced civilisation transported the seeds of life to Earth in a spacecraft. Nobel laureate Dr. Francis Crick who posits an extraterrestrial origin for life on Earth, is not alone in this viewpoint within the scientific community. The same year that Life Itself was published (1981), Sir Fred Hoyle authored Life from Space, in which he took essentially the same position. In fact, in an article that year in Nature, he wrote:

"The likelihood of the formation of life from inanimate mater is one to a number with 40,000 noughts after it.... It is big enough to bury Darwin and the whole theory of evolution. There was no primeval soup, neither on this planet nor on any other, and if the beginnings of life were not random, they must therefore have been the product of purposeful intelligence." (Hoyle: 1981, 294:148).

Dr. Hoyle opted for a kind of pantheistic intelligence that created life spores in other parts of the Universe, with these spores ultimately drifting to Earth to begin life as we know it. Because of the tremendous (and impressive) complexity of life-and the obvious design behind it -- other scientists who challenge "official science" supported by political elites, are beginning to endorse this conclusion as well. Leslie Orgel, one of the well-researched heavyweights in origin-of-life experiments, is also on record as advocating this scientific position (1982, pp. 149-152).

Like the issue of Global Warming, and on-going Ozone Layer depletion, non-dogmatic scientists have blamed political elites for ignoring clear evidence of the Non-Earth origins of human beings.

Dr. Francis Crick was one of the two scientists who discovered the structure of DNA during the 1950s. Certainly an important discovery in the history of science, this came after lengthy research and a great pooling of information and expertise. Crick won the Nobel Prize for his work. Dr. Crick applied the same rigorous disciplinary standards to his Extraterrestrial origins findings.

In his book Life Itself, Dr. Crick said that creatures from another solar system brought the seeds necessary for life to lifeless planets and, thanks to their kind intervention, life began here.

Nobel Laureate Dr. Crick's work, is consistent with the apparent findings of "Professor Sam Chang" of the Human Genome Project, who has been credited for seeking to release scientific findings concerning evidence of Extraterrestrial contact in Human DNA.

Exo-scientific representation on the origins of the universe

Dr. Michael Salla, and other associated extraterrestrial researchers make representation that our universe was born as an expression of a "collective consciousness". Dr. Michael Salla specifically documents that 'black holes' were an entry point for beings and other entities who came together to spawn our universe. Furthermore, Dr. Salla's exo-scientific documentation also indicates that these beings and other entities, sought to inspire 'the universe' into existence, as an 'experiment', based on principles of "Free Will". That is to say, all beings and other entities are represented as having sought to be a part of the genesis of 'the universe' without any coercion. The collective consciousness of the universe is deemed to have manifested in the thoughts, feelings, and sensations of be-ings, who spawned 'the universe'. Therefore, the universe would expand as an expression of this consciousness.

The genetic-cultural origins of Earth Humans


Exo-scientists indicate that the Pleiadians are from a star system called Pleiades. This star system is a small cluster of seven stars located in the Constellation of Taurus the Bull. This star system is a small cluster of seven stars located in the Constellation of Taurus the Bull; it is 500 light years from planet Earth. Exo-scientists claim that Pleiadians are a humanoid race that visits Earth often and whom exo-scientists also claim we share a common ancestry.
Billy Meier indicates that he maintains contacts with the Pleiadians. He has provided corroborated evidence of having extraterrestrial contact to scientists. Mr. Meier indicates that 'Pleiadians' call themselves Plejaren (pronounced pleh-yar-en) according to their system, which bears the name Plejaren. Reference:, and

"In the beginning, Earth was colonized by E.T. races, including human, insectual, botanical and reptilian species interests." Dr. Salla's collaborative team of exo-scientists indicate. Land continents first supporting advanced human colonies were Lemuria and Poseidia (Atlantis) "which sank over 23,000 years ago."

Many African tribes have linked their origins with Lemuria.

Dr. Salla's accounts indicate that "Each Universe is represented as a kind of living organism." The collective consciousness of this particular universe is represented is having been inspired by principles of peace, love, and wisdom, associated with "Free Will". But, because of the other polarity of fear which the original beings and other entities allegedly agreed to experience, the universe has also experienced "extremes of war, hate, and destruction."

The critical exo-scientific study of the universe, thus requires a holistic sensitivity to contexts of analysis associated with consciousness, which has been divested from "official science". Therefore, prevailing scientific paradigms on Earth retard the body of human knowledge from a full appreciation of the complexity of human experiences, in the broader context of the universe.

If spirituality is indeed a real phenomenon in the universe, then a critical context for science must endeavour to appreciate it, into a potential integral part of human knowledge and understanding.

Exo-scientific research testifies to Earth Humans having originated in the Lyra system of the universe. Lyrans apparently grew into Sirian, Arcturian, Antarian, Pleaidian, Andromedan, Cignus Alphan, Alpha Centauri, Sagittarius A & B, and Cassiopia.

Photo of Pleiadian spacecraft

Photo of Pleiadian spacecraft that Billy Meier had examined by apparently confounded, and formerly sceptical scientific reseachers. Reference:

"One of the first 'contactees' to describe Lyra was Billy Meier who received much public attention as a result of his alleged visits from Pleiadians from 1975 to 1986, Mr. Meier supported his representation with material evidence that continues to confound those sceptical of Mr. Meier's claims."

"Comprehensive investigations by a number of individuals and organizations found that Meier's evidence was not fabricated and therefore constituted significant support for his testimony of extraterrestrial contact." Dr. Salla, and other researchers document. Due to the amount of physical evidence he had provided over the years, Meier has gained great credibility, and the consistency and coherence of his testimonies suggest that he is indeed an important spokesperson for an extraterrestrial race.

Dr. Salla and other associated researchers also document that, "In a 1998 interview, Clifford Stone, a retired US army Sergeant who served in the US Army for 22 years, in association with other interviews, confirms the existence of extraterrestrials, who are 'human' and "can easily integrate with human society"; and are visibly "indistinguishable from the rest of humanity". These officials also indicated that "These races are described to be from star systems such as Lyra, Pleiades, Sirius, Procyon, Tau Ceti, Ummo, Andromeda and Arcturus, and who have provided some of the genetic material for the seeding of humanity on Earth."

Exo-scientists claim that the Pleaidians are our far distant first cousins and ancestral forbearers of some of our races. The Pleaidians are also descendants of the Lyrans who came from Lyra in spacecraft. The Lyrans would send down scout teams consisting of scientists and engineers and agricultural specialists to explore the surface of possible habitable planets and to explore them and return data and information to the mothership. One of these planets apparently included Earth. Each planet was explored and based upon its unique nature, colonies were then sent down to settle. It is in this way that the Pleaidians are so interested in our world and humanity on Earth. Exo-scientists claim that Pleaidians have been visiting Earth for at least 79,743 years.

Exo-scientists also further claim that they are very similar in many ways to humans beings on Earth, however, they are emotionally and spiritually more evolved than Earth humans are at this time. But Dr. Salla's and other associated exo-science researchers indicate that "they too have gone through their growing pains, as Earth humans are going through them right now." Dr. Salla and other learned exo-scientists in association with contactee further claim "Pleaidians have made attempts to share with us the benefits of their experience. So we ourselves don't have to experience the same kinds of setback and possible destructions, but at present, not enough people on Earth are listening."

"As the human race fragmented in the universe, genetic clusters of humanity moved, travelled, and settled many different planets in many systems as space travel evolved. Humans became aware of other planetary civilizations in these systems. Different cultures meet and grew. Belief systems clashed or spread. New thoughts of philosophy or technologies came into being. Humanity was evolving. A very strong social community developed between all in the Lyra System. Exo-scientists also further testify that "The Lyrans were a very peaceful race on the whole," Dr. Salla and associated exo-scientists further document.

"The Lyrans learned to adapt to virtually all of the planetary environments that they settled. They learned to live in complete harmony with their respective planets. They developed agricultural communities that were literally awesome. They were not only efficient and could feed billions of beings, but it was actually enhancing the planet itself and creating an even wealthier environment. All aspects of life seem to benefit from the Lyran's commitment to be at one with their home planets."

At the same time, the life expectancy living in planets without the kind of pollution, and social oppression on Earth is represented by exo-scientists as apparent "being much higher than on Earth."

These particular communities of Human Extraterrestrials represented themselves to exo-scientists as having economic systems that "were not in service of self, and having a community-ethic "beat as one heart, and shared and moved in the same direction as a whole and would try to make sure that none of their race would lag or fall too far behind the whole." In other words, "The needs of the many, out weigh the needs of the few." They were an incredible role model for all humanity that followed to this present moment.

Earth scientists who have sought to collaborate with the prevailing capitalist system of selfishness and greed, inherited by manipulative Extraterrestrials, would not seek to make humanity aware of such a cultural-genetic lineage. In the view of these scientists who have been co-opted from the dogma of political economic power, such awareness would inspire Earth humans into alternatives to capitalism, which would better facilitate their pursuit of an elevated quality-of-living for all.

Such Establishment scientists are not genuine searchers for critical information, but instead seek to spread a disinformation agenda. They have also been deployed to execute an apparently useful tactics by manipulative extraterrestrial "gods".

"The Pleaides is an open star cluster consisting of 254 stars and many times that planetary bodies. Many of the stars are very young. This is located in the constellation of Taurus", exo-scientists say.

Three of the star systems have human life as we know it, the most advanced is the system of Taygeta. And the other is the system of Taro which circles Alcyone. Most of the Pleaidians look like us in both size and stature, build, colour of hair, and in other ways.

Exo-scientists indicate that Pleaides life spans specifically also apparently far exceed human beings on Earth. Pleaides technology has made it possible to travel anywhere in our Universe at speeds faster than the speed of light. "They are capable of using the Earth's oceans for undersea operations," Dr. Salla documents, in association with other extraterrestrial researchers.

Apparently Pleaidians are very concerned about our misuse for our sciences today on Earth, and are correspondingly concerned "that we have completely lost our spiritual center or harmony with our sciences." They have no use for money, politics and religious rituals and doctrines, which are used my manipulative elites on Earth. The Pleaidians "as our most benevolent races who have visited Earth, are worried, that we will destroy our planet and ourselves."

All Earth's languages are derived from an ancient Pre-Sumerian language which Exo-scientists report "was spoken in Lyra and in the Pleaides. The Pleaidians as well as other groups have left descendants on the Earth in the past." They have said they are willing to help us but not to the point of changing our own evolution and then therefore becoming responsible for us as a race. They say we create our own future as we go, and that we need to correct our own mistakes ourselves or suffer because of them.

Humanity and the origins of the universe associated with creative collective consciousness


The original Lyran extraterrestrials who apparently "seeded" Earth, were inspired by a consciousness associated with a spirituality, that grounded their sciences into humanistic dimensions of service to the "greater good", in contrast with elite-driven greed on Earth. Lyrans apparently refer to the collective consciousness of love, peace, and wisdom which inspired the universe as the Isness (G-d).

The "worship" of the Isness (G-d) is silent and solitary; free from all self seeking. There are no priests nor "saviours" authorized to come between a human being as a 'soul' and our collective consciousness in the universe. In the Lyran documented existential context, "each experience is personal, different than another and should not in any way be meddled with or judged. Each soul should become conscious of the divinity that is itself. "The Lyrans sought to create no shrines, no temples except nature itself, and the process of humankind caretaking nature, as an infinitely spiritual exercise of being. Be a real, natural, human beings," Dr. Salla and other colleagues document. In the Lyran system of social ethics and spirituality, real faith may not be formulated in creeds, as have been taught by manipulative extraterrestrials who have sought to condition humanity as servants associated with systems of repressive dogma. These Lyrian social ethics apparently include according the alleged representations between Adromedans and Alex Collier, the rejection of "saviours", and "messiahs" who have been used by "manipulative ETs to undermine the vital sense of social and environmental responsibility among Earth humans, for each other. The apparent idea in the undermining system, was to get Earth humans to throw their arms in the air waiting to be saved or liberated by a saviour, as elites oppressed and pillaged.

"In the Lyran apparent scientific appreciation of our universe the "Isness" as the expression of the collective consciousness of the universe, is only interested in your intent, the path of your heart," Dr. Salla also documents. A civilization of beings can, for example, choose a relative path of evolution associated with an affirmed quality-of-living for all, accompanied with spiritual renewal, or pursue a 'regressive' "de-evolutionary" path of greed, and oppressive power, as Earth's elites, which eventually results in self-destruction.

Indeed, The work of Erich von Däniken and former NASA research consultant and scientist Richard C. Hoagland reveals definitive proof of apparently self-destroyed civilizations on Mars. The surface of Mars shows Great Pyramid structures similar to Earth.

Humanity on Earth realising potentials for elevating quality of living from a course of on-going self-destruction, can be potentially achieved by OUR coming to grips with apparent evidence of Extraterrestrial contact in Human DNA. Humanity on Earth apparently needs to vitally re-integrate spirituality as a component in the scientific appreciation of the universe, that in turn, is vital to "unlock" the hidden potential for an elevated quality-of-living.

Humanity on Earth, also apparently needs to use the core spirituality of its own be-ing, to overcome any genetic contact with apparently competing manipulative interests, who according to Dr. Salla and other colleagues, have sought to sabotage human potential.

Recommended Readings on elevating human quality-of-living:

Human Development and the Quality-of-Life, ISBN: 1897035353; Quantuum Economics: Wage Slavery or the Quality-of-Life, ISBN: 1894839609; and Capitalism is Not Democracy, Part I, ISBN: 1894934636; Babylon and Beyond, ISBN: 9780745323909. Get these books from The Canadian National Newspaper Book Café.

Other research on Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA was done by Zecharia Sitchin [excerpted]

Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin

Humbling was the prevalent adjective used by the scientific teams and the media to describe the principal finding that the human genome contains not the anticipated 100,000 - 140,000 genes (the stretches of DNA that direct the production of amino-acids and proteins) but only some 30,000+ -- little more than double the 13,601 genes of a fruit fly and barely fifty percent more than the roundworms: 19,098. What a comedown from the pinnacle of the genomic Tree of Life!

Moreover, there was hardly any uniqueness to the human genes. They are comparative to not the presumed 95 percent but to almost 99 percent of the chimpanzees, and 70 percent of the mouse. Human genes, with the same functions, were found to be identical to genes of other vertebrates, as well as invertebrates, plants, fungi, even yeast. The findings not only confirmed that there was one source of DNA for all life on Earth, but also enabled the scientists to trace the evolutionary process how more complex organisms evolved, genetically, from simpler ones, adopting at each stage the genes of a lower life form to create a more complex higher life form culminating with Homo sapiens.

The Head-scratching Discovery

It was here, in tracing the vertical evolutionary record contained in the human and the other analyzed genomes, that the scientists ran into an enigma. Thehead-scratching discovery by the public consortium, as Science termed it, was that the human genome contains 223 genes that do not have the required predecessors on the genomic evolutionary tree.

How did Humankind acquire such a bunch of enigmatic genes?

In the evolutionary progression from bacteria to invertebrates (such as the lineages of yeast, worms, flies or mustard weed which have been deciphered) to vertebrates (mice, chimpanzees) and finally modern humans, these 223 genes are completely missing in the invertebrate phase. Therefore, the scientists can explain their presence in the human genome by arather recent (in evolutionary time scales)probable horizontal transfer from bacteria.

In other words: At a relatively recent time as Evolution goes, modern humans acquired an extra 223 genes not through gradual evolution, not vertically on the Tree of Life, but horizontally, as a sideways insertion of genetic material from bacterial

An Immense Difference

Now, at first glance it would seem that 223 genes is no big deal. In fact, while every single gene makes a great difference to every individual, 223 genes make an immense difference to a species such as ours.

The human genome is made up of about three billion neucleotides (the letters A-C-G-T which stand for the initials of the four nucleic acids that spell out all life on Earth); of them, just a little more than one percent are grouped into functioning genes (each gene consists of thousands of "letters"). The difference between one individual person and another amounts to about oneletter in a thousand in the DNAalphabet. The difference between Humankind and Chimpanzee is less than one percent as genes go; and one percent of 30,000 genes is 300.

So, 223 genes is more than two thirds of the difference between me, you and a chimpanzee!

An analysis of the functions of these genes through the proteins that they spell out, conducted by the Public Consortium team and published in the journal Nature, shows that they include not only proteins involved in important physiological but also psychiatric functions. Moreover, they are responsible for important neurological enzymes that stem only from the mitochondrial portion of the DNA the so-called "Eve DNA" that humankind inherited only through the mother-line, all the way back to a singleEve. That finding alone raises doubt regarding that the "bacterial insertion" explanation.

A Matter of Extreme Significance

Unless further scientific research can establish, beyond any doubt, that the only possible source of the extra genes are indeed bacteria, and unless it is then also determined that the infection (horizontal transfer) went from bacteria to Man and not from Man to bacteria, the only other available solution will be that offered by the Sumerian texts millennia ago.

Until then, the enigmatic 223 alien genes will remain as an alternative and as a corroboration by modern science of extraterrestrial civilizations, and their apparent genetic participation in the Human Genome.

A Shaky Theory

How sure are the scientists that such important and complex genes, such an immense human advantage, was obtained by us -- rather recently-- through the courtesy of infecting bacteria?

It is a jump that does not follow current evolutionary theories, said Steven Scherer, director of mapping of the Human Genome Sequencing Centre, Baylor College of Medicine.

We did not identify a strongly preferred bacterial source for the putative horizontally transferred genes, states the report in Nature. The Public Consortium team, conducting a detailed search, found that some 113 genes (out of the 223)are widespread among bacteria though they are entirely absent even in invertebrates. An analysis of the proteins which the enigmatic genes express showed that out of 35 identified, only ten had counterparts in vertebrates (ranging from cows to rodents to fish); 25 of the 35 were unique to humans.

It is not clear whether the transfer was from bacteria to human or from human to bacteria, Science quoted Robert Waterson, co-director of Washington University's Genome Sequencing Center, as saying.

But if Man gave those genes to bacteria, where did Man acquire those genes to begin with? Zecharia Sitchin concludes that Human Genome was manipulated by Extraterrestrials.

Reference: Original report documented by the Public Consortium is in Nature, Feb 15, 2001 and of Celera Genomics in Science of Feb 16th, 2001.

Example of Report on an 'ethical' Extraterrestrial sighting in Africa

Children Drawings

On 14th September 1994, a UFO streaked across the sky over Southern Africa.

Two days later, something landed in a schoolyard in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, with three or four things beside it, according to investigator Cynthia Hind. The primary witnesses were 62 schoolchildren, who had little or no exposure to TV or popular press accounts of UFOs.

Cynthia Hind interviewed them the day after the encounter and made them draw pictures of what they had seen. Below is one actual photographs of what the children drew and some of their statements. OTHER PHOTOS.


The door opened, and a little man go out that had on a black suit. He was very slim, and the suit was black. It was silver and the ring around it was red... lights along the edge.

I saw one over here, they had eyes like that. They were kind of, like, looking at us. They were, like, kind of astonished.

Many of the children received the same telepathic message from the beings.... to take care of the planet or civilization will be doomed.

"I think they want people to understand that we're actually making harm on this world and we have the responsibility to restore balance between our technological and spiritual growth. As I see things, as a civilization, we r more advanced technologically, than spritually and tp bring the balance back, we need to operate from our love centres where truth & forgiveness reign!!" - SAUFOR

Zimbabwe UFO report screened on South African TV Channel 1 Program Agenda:

Zimbabwean children witnessed UFO together

Zimbabwean children witnessed UFO together.

"Tonight at 8.30 SA time we were treated to the rare spectacle of a half a dozen CHILDREN AGED 8-12 attesting ON tv to the fact that a group of them had seen a group of four or five UFOs. Sentients with large eyes, long black hair wearing shiny black one piece suits had made themselves known. The ships had then departed. The witnesses to this encounter are a group of schoolchildren at the Areal School in a town called Ruwa not far from the capital of Harare. The date is 16 September 1994. Cynthia Hind, Southern Africa's most well known UFOlogist had a few words to say, but the children stole her show with their innocent and honest faces. They had all drawn crayon pictures of the craft. The pictures were all the same.. This I saw with my own eyes. We had Dr. John Mack on the same show. What is he doing in Africa? But the star of the show was the South African Sangoma Wiseman CREDO MUTWA. He is well known for his disturbingly correct prophecies. One of these was the prediction of Hendrik Verwoerds assassination. Credo Mutwa stormed the program with figurines of aliens looking exactly like the various races we suspect to co-inhabit our planet with us. These figurines have long been in the possession of the African nations. He attested to the fact that the African nations co-exited with aliens in Africa for hundreds if not thousands of years. He made the disturbing allegation that the Europeans who first 'colonised' Africa were mistaken for these 'other,' star people. Credo Mutwa has also said that AIDS can be cured by a SONIC SCAN or AUDIO FREQUENCY scan of some kind. This does not harm the person, only the virus. Surely this is worth investigating?..."

Reference: "SAUFOR XPLoReS Ruwa, Zimbabwe - 16 September, 1994."


5-21 Scientists claim extraterrestrial genes in human DNA: report

I am so supprised to see Alex Jones put this up for I remember when he seemed to be totally poo pooing the whole ET thing and years back even critisize David Icke about it to then turn around and let him on the show, but of course not talk about the ET thing, lol. Although he does have probably one of the biggest audiences 2nd to Coast to Coast and with recent GFL updates (see my LINKS on right with Komurosan's youtube channel) stating ET disclosure is about to be revealed finally, then it would seem a matter of course to have AJ jump on board now. Some would say yes as a part of project Blue Beam but really. I have shown that the NWO is not getting their way otherwise we would have all had the
  1. swine flu shots 2 years ago,
  2. Carbon tax but that was foiled also 2 years ago (see my KEY INFOs last hyperlinks to my youtubes on Copenhagen),
  3. Codex would have kicked in and killed 2 billion of us via lack of nutrition last year
  4. the Gulf of Mexico BP Oil spill volcano would have errupted and tsunamid half of the US and Central America's and then the rest of us FEMA camped and incinerated (I have seen the videos of the incinerators at the rail yard camps in the US and more around the world),
  5. the NAU North American Union would have gone ahead with its own currency the Amero as prophesized some would say, lol (but now Mexico has reversed its stance and not allowing the USD to be used in Mexico, and seems to be the lead country in ET Disclosure)
  6. Chemtrails would have killed us all with Morgellons nanotech fibres etc (I do believe are real),
  7. GE Genetically Engineered Organisms in transplants and food and more would have killed us all, ( I lobbied hard against in 1998-2000 before helping promote the alternative Organics via Quality Compost by going to Uni for 2 years and working as a QA in the industry for years till 2010, and still pursuing)
  8. WW3 would have killed us all (I shared my 1st youtube "US Military to Bush WE WILL NOT ALLOW A WAR" see KEY INFO's last key playlists and youtubes at the top of the page)
  9. the RFID and Verichip would have been forced upon us all and been tracking our every bowel movement, lol ( I was really concerned about in 2007 and with the Swine flu vaccine)
  10. DUMB's Deep Underground Military Bases of which their are hundreds across the US and around the world would have released evil creatures including super soldiers to kill us all during the invasion of the foreign UN Troops as reported by Steven Dao OR WHATEVER, LOL? I think. Who I have in my youtubes swine flu playlist with AJ. ( I am not saying they are not real but just in a laughing mood about this all because I think we all do not have anything too worry about anymore.)
So would you now think maybe we have ET, Earth Allies, White Knights help? I think we will soon find out and really be amazed at all that they have done to help us. Not too mention how we have all helped by breaking the fear matrix and creating our own reallity by both waking up too them and sharing the truth to set us free especially with the Swine Flu scare I think, but more importantly how to create via the most powerfull law of attraction. The power of feelings/consciousness millions of times more powerfull then any nukelear (as Homer Simpson says) bomb, lol as Dr John Hagelin shows in his many videos at . Or as Wayne Dyer puts it Every Problem has a Spiritual solution here at and here at free audio and his great movie I just watched below. Give it time to get into Wayne dyer the bald guy who has the camera crew film an interview with him amongst the real life examples throughout. So well done.

Watch The Shift (Part 1 of 3) in Educational & How-To | View More Free Videos Online at

Peter Jiang and Jenny Li
The Canadian
May 21, 2011

Collaborative research from a gathering of exo-scientists postulate that there are genes from over 20 extraterrestrials civilizations in Human DNA. These exo-scientists have continued the work of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Frances Crick, and other scholars in this area. Current findings are consistent with reports of Professor Sam Chang, who discreetly released information on his own apparent findings, in association with the Human Genome Project. Scientists are beginning to complain more and more about political attempts to compromise the integrity of their important work for humanity. The discreet releasing of findings, is one apparent way in which scientists try to cope with scientific peer pressures to conform to prevailing political pressures.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Details of findings have been published in part, by Dr. Michael Salla, who is a learned scholar on extraterrestrial research. Exo-scientists and other researchers base their findings, in part, on carefully collecting data, which includes well corroborated documented observations by contactees and “whistleblowers”, as well as other documentation. These verified reliable sources have come into contact with representatives of non-Earth Human civilizations living in human populations at-large, and also in official capacities.

“Exo-science” is the study of extraterrestrial phenomenon. “Exo-science” is further associated with “exopolitics” which embraces the need for humanity to have open contacts with Extraterrestrials on a representative democratic basis, that respects Earth’s sovereignty.

In today’s “global economy” an “official science” which denies the analytical study of spiritual phenomena, as a legitimate context for understanding human reality, has been created over time. The “science” which is legitimated by institutions that are closely linked to this “global economy”, tends to seek to analyse only certain aspects of ‘materiality’. Priorised subjects by this “official science” are limited to areas which complement the agenda of constituencies of individuals who seek to manipulate the “recognized” body of human knowledge for power and control. That scientific priorisation context, has notably sough to exclude extraterrestrial relationships to humanity, in order to keep humanity ignorant of its apparent potential “locked” heritage within its own DNA.

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